Sunday, October 5, 2008

My first craft fair.................

Well, today was my very first craft sale. MMMM don't know if I will do another. Was almost like doing a garage sale. I went in with 2 other women. We needed to be there at 7am, uge, that was a feat for me to get someplace so early, was kind of neat though, getting up with the birds and before the sunrise. Wisconsin Ave was like a ghost cars.

Got to the park about 7:15am to set up, Maria was putting up the canopy when I got there, by the time we finished the people started coming. I was on my own for a couple of hours as Maria left to go to church and Chrissy still had not arrived as she was fighting some kind of virus and was going to be late.

People, people, people everywhere, so many people passed by, looked at my cards and walked on, many commented on how lovely they were, wellllllllllllllllll (well, buy one please) after all the passers by only 1 card was sold..........UNO, ONE, one, 1 card at $2.50 and ONE, one, 1 muffin for 50 cents!!!!!

I was selling my cards, jewelry, delicious chocolate chip cookies and banana bran muffins............took a picture of my little table.........hold on, gonna download into the computer.

There, there's my little table, really could have used a larger table, but for my first it was okay. Alot of these vendors go from craft sale to sale. I went walking and met two vendors from a previous farmers market in Appleton. The one is a card dealer also, she is trying to figure out how to sell her cards also, said she was going to set up a website, see how that goes.

My next adventure will be to go to the consignment stores and see what I can do there. I do know of two craft stores, one in New London and one in Seymour. So maybe I will try those stores. I might try a craft store on Morrison street also, now that I have lots of cards to display.

Going to close this segment of my blog, must go to the other blog and tell about the craft fair there, I am behind on that one also, ( ssssssoooooo much to do so little time to Oh and be sure to go to my etsy store at: I will be putting some of the cards and jewelry I made for the fair into my store in the next week or so.
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