Friday, July 11, 2008

Getting Ready for a Craft Fair in October

Hi Everyone...................

Well I am gearing up for a craft sale in October. Going to be working with 3 other (possibly more) area artists. We'll have a canopy with tables set up with our crafts. That should be fun.
  • I will have sets of 4 cards, selling @ $10 a piece. I am looking at getting at least 10 -15 packs of 4 cards done. That would be about $150.00. I will have to see if I can put some other packs of cards together also.
  • I might add earrings to this, maybe single cards with a pair of earrings attached all color coordinated..........mmmmmmmm.......have to think on that one for awhile.
  • Chrissy is going to do watercolor paintings.
  • There may be a couple of other ladies with jewelery and such.

The total cost for this is $40 so if we chip in $10 a piece that should work. My Etsy store is not making any money...........I really need to go in another direction.........time is running out for me, we are slowly going broke what with the price of things now adays, I really need to find an avenue that will make me alittle bit of money. Plus do something that I enjoy. Goodness if I could make money sitting at this computer...........I would be rich!!!!!!

As soon as I get some cards done I will be adding them to this blog, the ones that I will be selling at the craft fair........I will also be adding to Etsy also..........hopefully they will be something people will like to have on had. Well I am going to close this blog for all have a great day in the Lord.


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