Sunday, June 15, 2008

Father's Day is Father's Day. My father died in 1961, gosh that is 47 years ago. My mother remarried in 1962 to Pops. Pops is still alive and lives in LasVegas. He has been there since '87 - he likes it out there. He called today, said the weather is 106 degrees during the day and 80 degrees in the evening. HOT, to Hot for me. He was concerned that we were flooded here, no I said the floods are farther south of us. We do live near the Fox River which runs down into Il, but no, thank God no flooding here yet.

I sent Pops $5, he said I shouldn't do that, I told him to buy a crossword puzzle book, he said I shouldn't have sent the money, I said well, it is actually cheaper to send the money rather then buy the books and send it, postage is high too. He had to agree. I doubt very much I will ever be able to go out there for a visit.........not unless we came into some money in the near future. He is going to be 83 this year, so time might be running out for him and me to get together.

JP and I went out to eat at the "7 angels" we sat on the veranda next to the water fountain. My goodness that was neat. We ordered the "Seniors" pork/dressing dinner, onion soup, salad, corn, french fries and topioca pudding..........a lovely meal and we actually had money left over for the tip. I think I will save some money so we can do that again. Hopefully the bees won't be out by the time we get back there.

I made JP and Pops a card, have not taken a picture of it, so I could not add it to this blog.......a light house on brown card and turquois background. was really neat looking. We went to church this morning...................would have preferred to stay home and watch Jimmy Swaggart on the internet, but being it is Father's day, thought it best to go.

Pastor Ron saw his Dr yesterday, the Dr said he needs to lose 10 lbs. Mary said she was going to start a diet too, well we decided to do it together. We will weigh in tomorrow and then write down everything we eat. Then I will email her on Saturday and let her know what I lost. Pops said he needs to lose 10 lbs also. I could stand to lose 25 lbs..............shall try, no better time then now.

Jp and I got home, I went straight to the computer and turned on TBN and Jimmy Swaggart. Gosh my computer was running very slow today.........sometimes I think it has a problem. But it could be the Yahoo server is the problem. Anyways, we worked around the house, did a few things, he cleaned the gutters, and cut some branches off the tree. I swept up the tree seeds that are starting to grow around the house. There is so much to do around here, but it has been fun this year cause JP has taken an interest in the house also, so that's been a plus.

Well, I suppose I should go for now, need to go to the other blog and write something there also, check it out if you haven't done this, please go to my etsy store and that address is if you would like to contact me via email go to: be sure to let me know you found me at my blogs in the subject otherwise I may not open your email. I am a very cautious person. You all have a good day, talk to you again.


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