Saturday, April 15, 2017

Happy Easter......

Hi there everyone. I want to wish you a Happy Easter. I give you just a few pictures in my collection, pretty pictures reminding you of Easter.
Here is a beautiful bouquet of first thought when looking at them was that they looked like the colors of Easter.
I made this card last year...definitely an Easter card. I do have this stamp, but did not make anymore cards like this.....maybe next year.
Ah yes......Angel Eggs, that's what I call them....for Easter of course. Maybe I should make a few hard boiled eggs tonight for some Angel eggs for tomorrows Easter dinner.
I love these bunnies. They were sent to me by a lady who has my name in a secret stamper group. I had to find a way to turn them into cards. In my next post or so, I will show you how they ended up, along with a few other images this same lady sent me.

I love Easter, I love the newness of the season and all the flowers coming up after a long winter's sleep. Everything is new....the Easter story never gets old. The week that changed the World....Jesus's triumphant ride through the town and a week later, dying on the cross for our sins, then rising again on the third day that we might have life forever more. No where in the Bible are bunnies, eggs and chick's mentioned....all those characters are pagan beliefs.....I know, I know...takes all the fun out of Easter. But we all know the real reason behind what Easter is all about. Our hope is based on the fact of the resurrection of Jesus Christ and Him Crucified.

For tomorrow's Easter dinner, I will be making a very thick "cowboy steak" salad, oven potatoes and asparagus. JP will probably have some fruit for his dessert.

Well, I think I will close this post for tonight...You all have a wonderful Easter and keep looking up....better days are coming.
Cheers ~ Louise

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Brenda in IN said...

The roses are beautiful and perfect for Easter. Your card is lovely too. I could eat angel eggs every single day! When I worked and was young I used to make them for breakfast. We always have them for Easter dinner.


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