Thursday, August 1, 2013

Pelican Island and Boat Ride

Hi everyone, hope you are enjoying your summer. Here are a few pictures of some pelicans.
In this picture you see "Pelican Island" the actual name is "Black Bird Island" BUT it seems the pelicans live there mostly. One thing noticed right away was the awful smell of Birds. The island was just loaded with pelicans. When they saw us coming they scattered, all heading for the water. Only a few pelicans were brave enough to stay. Maybe they were the guards.....guarding a nest or two. (I am just guessing)
Here you see more pelicans flying off...maybe to distract us.

Getting a little bit closer here, via my zoom lens on my camera. Looks like there might be a few seagulls hanging around on the island. Well we left the birds to their island and headed back.

It was a day well spent and even though it was mostly cloudy, I did end up with a little sun burn on my forehead. Not much on my arms as it was a bit chilly and I had a jacket on.

Well, so much for my mini-vacation....they never last long, but it still was refreshing and a change of sorts. You all have a great day and keep looking up for your redemption draws nigh. Cheers ~ Louise

A NOTE: The previous part of this blog was deleted as per request. Sure hope the Pelicans don't mind their picture taken.


Anonymous said...

I absolutely love pontoon boats! So relaxing - I'll leave the speed boats to other people!

We live on the channel of the Fox River so I can see it out my front window - always so pretty to look at.

I messed up on the calories of the pancakes - they are still good and worth the calories - but each pancake is 181 calories - not 181 for two - sorry!

Attic Clutter said...

oh how fun..
I've always wanted a pontoon..or a party boat or a house boat(:)
all would be fun
yes mini vacations are fun
I loved the bottles too (:)
thanks Louise..,


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