Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Going With the Green and Gold

Soooo, you are probably wondering why the title "Going with the Green and Gold"?? I like those colors for one thing, don't you?? Who can not love the color green, when you look all around, (during spring, summer and fall) what do you see....Green grass!! Must be one of God's favorite colors, also blue and white for the sky and clouds.

Another reason for liking green....it stands for life, living, new beginnings..........fresh, lively, healthy, oh and not to forget "green smoothies" that to me is what green stands for.........good words, huh? Gold stands for bright, shinny, rich and there is a street of Gold in heaven that we get to walk on. Gold also reminds me of the sun, money, crowns and jewels that never tarnish. Who could possibly not like those colors????????

Green and Gold also stands for the GREEN BAY PACKERS!!!!! GO PACK GO!!! Now I suppose you are wondering WHY in the world is Louise writing this blog about the Green Bay Packers???? I have been following the Packers ever since Bret Farve......sure did like watching him, but, didn't really care for the shenanigans he pulled. But, then along came Arron Rogers and everything was okay. It was so exciting to watch the Packers win the Super Bowl in 2011 against the Steelers 35 to 25. Ever since then, they have come so very close. Hey, at least they have come close to winning again, there is always next year!!!

One of my favorite blogs to visit is http://mybizzykitchen.com  I love all of Biz's ideas with different foods and exercise, her ups and downs with diabetes and inspiration for others to keep on going. TODAY she let her husband TONY loose on her blog, here is what he wrote:

While watching the Packers go down in flames over the weekend (They were humiliated 31 to 45), I remembered back to the days when I lived among them.

The company I worked for wanted to open an office in Wisconsin. I was newly married (first wife) and we looked around the Sheboygan area. We settled on an idyllic home a block from Lake Michigan. In those days the lake levels were very high, so storms would claim a house or two a year. It was near a little town, and that town hated us, so we shopped in the next little town over. They seemed to enjoy our money.

I then went out among them. They seemed friendly enough, but they spoke oddly. They had a different accent that was new to me. It is now immortalized in the movie Fargo. I slowly got to know more of them. We made friends with a Chiropractor and his wife who shared my office. We learned new words like bubbler (drinking fountain) stop –n-go lights (traffic lights). We learned that if you wanted a cola you did not ask for pop, soda is the correct word. I was quite often referred to as a FIB, I suggest you look it up in the urban dictionary, as unlike Biz, I won’t use such language, my Mommy reads this!

I don’t mean this is an insult to all of the Wisconsinites, but some were a tad….slow. I actually had to call the library to prove to my secretary that Sheboygan’s name was not an Indian Chief’s reaction to having another male child.

It was a simpler life, no traffic but to my first wives horror, no Marshall Fields. The malls largest store was Sears. They did open a Wal-Mart right as we left; it was big news in town.

Parties always and I do mean always included bratwurst. I don’t mind brats, but after a while c’mon, daddy needs a friggen Italian beef! Pasta was not widely understood. I learned that ordering it was suicidal. Pizza, oh don’t get me started on the pizza. Also, my Chicago connection automatically made me a mob member. I went to a few Brewers games, and was introduced to tailgating. This is where you bring a grill and drink so much you really drunk before you get inside the stadium. Also, fires rage all around as people dropped their hot coals into trash bins. This was before they spent over $300 million to build Miller Stadium.

My son Joey was born in Sheboygan. We got out pretty quick after that, I was afraid the boy might grow slow. This could cause him to like the Packers. This is not something I could live with. Sexual orientation, hairstyles, whatever makes him happy, but I will not have a Packer fan spring for my loins!

To the Wisconsin readers…I will type very slow now…I HATE THE PACKERS!

Also, to Louise. I know the Packers utter destruction at the hands of mere children must hurt. In my house it was awesome!!

Oh Tony, you crack me up :)

So, here is my comment to Tony on Biz's blog:

Tony, Tony, Tony….everytime I read your posts I crack up. You make Wisconsin people sound like aliens….when you lived “among them.” I think you moved to the wrong place in WI!! Appleton is another story, we have everything your little ♥ would desire even great Italian beef sandwiches, Pizza's and Chicago Style Hot dogs, Macy’s and the Fox River Mall, oh and LOT’S of traffic to make you feel like you're in Chicago.

We left the “rat race” of Chicago to “slow down” a bit and smell the roses We’ve been in WI longer then we lived in Chicago and we were born there (uge).

**As for the Packers…..did you know the Packers have appeared in the Super Bowl 5 times and won 4???? Your little bears have appeared in the Super Bowl 2 times and won ONCE !!! HA!! I’d rather be a GREEN BAY PACKER FAN……..GO PACK GO!!

And remember there is ALWAYS NEXT YEAR!!!!

Biz…..that smoothie looks great shall have to try it for sure and the naan bread is another thing on my list to try!!

**I did look up that stats "how many Super Bowls won" by the Packers and "bears" and the bears appeared in 2 Super Bowls, 1986 and 2007 winning in 1986~46-10 over New England. The Packers were in 5 Super Bowls, winning 4. 1967, 69, 97, 98, and 2011. In 1998 the Packers lost to the Broncos 31-24

Finally added a picture of Arron Rogers (so Tony can see his favorite colors of Wisconsin). You all have a great day and keep lookin' up for your redemption draws nigh!! Be sure to come back!!! Cheers~Louise


Anonymous said...

I LOVE IT!! So glad you get Tony's sense of humor - I'll have to cut and paste your comment so more people can see it!

Thanks for giving it back to him too! Hugs!

Anonymous said...

Oops - I don't look at my comments until I get home from work - I see that it's there - thanks Louise!!

cards4ubylouise and other treasures said...

Tony is fun to banter with, gosh, hope he sees my humor too?!?!?!


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