Friday, December 14, 2012

Pleassssssssssssse Can I Come In?????

I know, I know, another animal picture, but I like puppies and kitties, so what can I say. 

Well, today's agenda is to make some "pumpkin cookies" and get the rest of my Christmas cards out. Finally got my stepfather's Christmas present mailed yesterday, a $3 stuffed doggie and a box of homemade cookies. $9.50 to mail that box and he will get it by next Wednesday.......well at least it's arriving before Christmas this year....hahaha. Things to still accomplish, 1) finish decorating my little tree and 2) put up my mini village and figurines. It will get done this week-end, 3) then I can concentrate on making JP's "race-car" scrapbook. 4) Wrap presents.

Just heard on the news about the Conn. school shooting, 18 kindergartners and 8 adults. The shooter is dead, but a 2nd person is being questioned. A parents worse night-mare. A school is supposed to be a safe place......not anymore. Why in the world do these things happen??? More and more I am beginning to see, it's true, if a person does not have a faith and belief in Jesus Christ and Him Crucified, these things WILL happen. When the Bible and prayer were taken out of the schools, that is when everything went down the tubes. When will people learn, "you cannot run from God, cause he will eventually catch you"!!!! No one is exempt from God and everyone needs HIM.

Well, it has been a week since we put our sweet dog Hyko down. I still miss him and have sudden crying jags every now and then. Hyko had so much personality and I miss those big brown eyes looking up at me, he sure had a will to live. Maybe in the spring, I will make a walking stone to mark his little grave, right now there is a big blue ornament and orange rose to mark his spot. My other dogs Anna, Poppy and Truffles had daffodils planted on their graves. I guess eventually, the walking stone will be for all our doggies. (sigh)

Well, time to close this blog for today, you all keep looking up for your redemption draws nigh.
Cheers ~ Louise

PS I promise to be more up-beat and newsy in my next blog!!!

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