Monday, June 18, 2012

????Call Me Dad????

Things are supposed to look better the next day, because isn't God's mercies new every morning???? Well, at least the problem is not as big as it was the night before. Let me tell you about my dilemma and let me know what your thoughts are with a comment.
I called my "Step-father" last night to wish him a Happy Father's Day. Sent him a handmade card, which he had not received yet. He has been my step-father since 1962 and in this relationship I have "always" called him "POP's". My real father died in 1961 of a heart attack, I loved my father very much and probably grieved many years for my dad even after my mother and Pop's got married. Pop's was the exact opposite of my dad and was very controlling in so many ways, not really letting me do alot of things I wanted but telling me what they wanted me to do.
 As my step-father talked, telling me what has been happening and that he may have an operation on Friday, but will find out today at 2pm if the Doctor was going to do it. So needless to say he was all consumed with that. And, he didn't know what he would do if the Doctor did not do the operation, casue he could not continue on the way things were....he wasen't going to committ suicide or anything, but he would do something!!! Geez, what did that mean???? At the end of our call he asked, "Can you do me a favor?" I said what? He then said, Can you just once, call me "dad"? Gosh, that through me for a loop and at that moment I said, "No, because, you are not my dad, you are POP's! You have Stacy to call you dad." (Stacy is a woman with two kids who lived next store for many years and who my mother and Pops took under their wings. Stacy took my place as their daughter I guess, only because she lived in Las Vegas and I lived here in WI)
Well, then Pops said, "I figured you would say that" well, if he figured I would say that, why did he ask??? There is just a part of me that cannot call Pops, dad. I could have called him "Pete" all these years, but no, I called him Pops. So what do you think? Was it even right that he ask that question of me or was I over reacting??? Just not sure what to do, or if I should do anything and just let it pass me by.

Well you all have a great day, and I shall keep looking up for my redemption draweth nigh, as does yours.
Cheers to you all that read this blog ~ Louise

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