Wednesday, June 8, 2011

♥My New Lemon/Lime Stamp♥

I made a stamp last night.......a lemon/lime/orange and grapefruit stamp. Maybe it is too small for a grapefruit, but the possibilities are still there. Saw a video on making this glass of lemonade and just felt I needed to have a lemon/lime stamp, so I made one last night. (confession.....I did order two lemon/lime stamps off Etsy yesterday, but that was BEFORE I made my own stamp). Doesn't this just look like the most refreshing and tasty little card you have ever seen???

I got the idea from another blog "Stamp and Scrape by Frenchie". I suspect it is okay to copy her ideas, otherwise she never would have made the video showing how to make this card. Although, my card is just a little bit different then hers. That's the beauty of making cards. Each person has a different slant on card making and you can take that same card and place 10 women in a room and each woman will make that same card different.........hahaha......sort of like the telephone game. Whisper in the ear of the first woman, a comment, by the 10th woman that comment has changed 10 times and has become a question.

Well, I still will be looking forward to my two new stamps, will have lots of lemons and limes to make even iced tea.......what fun this summer will be and very refreshing.

Well, you be blessed in this 90 degree weather and stay cool. Relax with a glass of lemonade.
Cheers ~ Louise


Church of D.I.Y. said...

Louise, this is too cute! I love the idea and your stamp looks lovely.
- LB

cards4ubylouise and other treasures said...

Thanks....been working on making lots of these cards, made another stamp too!


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