Monday, November 7, 2016

Daylight Savings, Elections and Some Cards

Hi there you doing on this mighty fine day......2nd day of daylight savings....what for, I do not know. I had a hilarious day yesterday. FORGOT to set the clocks back Saturday before going to bed. (too many clocks for one thing-at least 12 in the house alone). JP's fascination is clocks.

So, anyways, JP woke me up Sunday morning at 8am to see if I was going to church.....yeah I guess so. Finally got up, did the ritual of getting up, bathroom, hair, teeth, wash hands, then I decided to do my blood, (usually don't do it on Sundays, take a day off). Sat down at the computer and turned it on, started to do my blood and noticed the clock on the computer said 7:30am (what, am I dreaming????) Then I looked at the Atomic clock and it said 7:30......oh my, my watch said 8:30.....OH-OH I forgot to set the clocks!!!! I went outside to tell JP, "It's only 7:30 not 8:30, I forgot to set the clocks back!
Oh how funny, it sure is crazy getting older and forgetful. How do you like my funny pictures....I love ducks and could not resist the funny duck above. I used to have 4 ducks when we lived up in Ladysmith....I sure did love those birds, they were so much fun to take care of till they started getting killed off by some wild animal. We later found out it was one of my dogs.....gosh I was upset!!!!
JP brought home 4 little pumpkins for me to cook up and make pumpkin pies, have one cooked up and ready to make something with it.......when I saw this picture, I just had to copy and paste......funny picture. Wish making pies was this easy (I think)

So tomorrow is Election day......I sure do hope the right person gets in. The right person is on the right......get it????? I don't think I can stand another 4 years like these past 8 years have been....all our liberties will definitely be taken away.

In these next few pictures of cards are ones I have found on the Internet, and would like to make these cards. I have made this card already, but not using the trees in the background....shall have to try this one for sure.
I like this snowflake card and actually have the stamp.....such a simple card and very clean looking.
I thought this was a lovely card using the butterflies....looks like patterned paper and folding it over and adding a butterfly and some verse.
I just bought this die cut....and have cut out a few leaves....just have to find the embossing folder, patterned paper  and ribbon to make this card. Pretty, pretty for fall.

Think I will cut this post short, need to get a few cards up in my Etsy store....more Christmas cards to sell....hopefully they will....

Have a great day and keep looking up, better days are coming.
Cheers ~ Louise


NanaDiana said...

LOL, Louise about the clock fiasco. One year I went around and set the clocks back before I went to bed. Got up to find that John had also set them back. We were back TWO hours instead of one. lol

Your cards are absolutely beautiful--and the samples of what you want to them all. I do like the simplicity of that snowflake one, too.

Yes- I hope people vote for change and that God can find His way back into our country.....we are probably in the minority, Louise....xo Diana

Attic Clutter said...

oh Louise..
the funny duck..
the pie..
the pretty cards all is a joy to see this morn..:)
we need that after the awful lonnnng election ..ha..
yup I agree-- go home protesters---
and yes I think Trump will pull in the best people to help him get this country back up and running great again..


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