Monday, July 4, 2016

Happy Independence Day

Hi there everyone. Hope you are having a wonderful 4th of July!!! The day is beautiful and sunny here in Wisconsin. Perfect weather for fireworks, get togethers, picnics, cookouts and fun in the sun. Me....I will just lay around and maybe get a few things done around the house. Oh, and enjoy my gardens and hope the mosquitos don't find me and carry me away. (that would be a miracle)

So, as we enjoy this day, let us not forget all those men and women who fought for our freedoms. Our freedoms that seem to be dwindling more each day. Remember all those that went before us doing great things and accomplishing great things never before seen. Things that you won't hear on the news media that can only be explained, because God did the doing.
I thought I would share a few pictures and ideas for cards that I found on the internet. I did make a few cards via the idea above. Some of my ideas are in the banner above.
My Patriotic House Mouse's. They show up every year about this time.
Loved this poster when I saw it....I think I found this on Facebook along with the horse below.
Another card. I think my rendition of this card is in the banner above.
Happy 4th of July and celebration of the Birthday of the Declaration of Independence. We are still so very young as a Nation, with lots to learn.....but, we are one of the greatest Nations and still very much blessed by God. For now.

So keep looking up, better days are coming. Cheers ~ Louise

God Bless America!!!!

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