Monday, April 25, 2016

"Fear The Feathers" Nope....No Fear

Hi there was your day today???  I was kind of busy today. Tearing the bed apart and washing bed blankets and linen, making cards and cooking. After the game I shall have to put the bed back together again....uge, one of my unfavorite jobs, remaking the bed, but oh so nice and comfy to get into a cozy bed at the end of the night.

I am so looking forward to this last game of the series with the St. Louis Blues 7, it will tell if the Hawks or Blues go on to round 2 of the next series with whoever wins. The score is tied 2-2 in the 2nd period.

"Fear The Feathers" I got this poster from my SIL's facebook, not sure where she got it, but I shall pass it along to you. One thing I miss living in Chicago, or near Chicago is seeing the Blackhawks play. I used to go to the Blackhawk games, season tickets back in the day when they still played at the old Chicago Stadium, those were the days!!!

So we moved to Wisconsin in 1976 and had the Green Bay Packers to root for, but my heart was still with the Chicago Blackhawks. I would rather watch a hockey game then a football game, maybe because I understand it more. I was told to "always follow the puck" and that I do.....the football? Hard to follow!!!!
When we moved up to Ladysmith Wisconsin, for 10 years, we did not have a TV.....I know, how I managed, I do not know. But I lost touch with the Hawks and what they were doing. It wasn't till two years ago I could get them on TV again and was able to get a few games again. AT&T has allowed me to watch more games this I feel more complete, knowing I have the Hawks and hockey to watch again and any team is fine with me. I am from the old school, when there was just the original 6 teams, now there is 30 teams....hard to keep them all straight.

Well, we are going into the 3rd period and the score is still 2-2......oh boy, I think I need some coffee and popcorn!!!!!

Oh my gosh.....what a game.......I am so nervous!!! The announcer just said whoever wins this round will play the Dallas Stars......oh-oh St. Louis just scored 3-2!!! Okay Hawks lets go!!!!! I am sad.....I don't think the Hawks will win this one....okay 1:20 left. I can't look!!!

HAWKS........LOST!!!!!! BUMMERS....end of the story.

Well.....cheers anyways ~ Louise

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