Thursday, April 21, 2016

Cards I Made Yesterday and Kimchi Fried Rice

Hi everybody....hope you had a nice Thursday. Guess I was not feeling well last night and really slept in late today, like till 1pm!!! Yikes, this will be a short, short day.

JP left for work at 4pm so I have the evening to watch the Blackhawks play (possibly their last game for the season if they don't win tonight), do this blog and maybe go downstairs and make some cards for Hospice. Oh and I may get some rice cooking for some quick kimchi fried rice.....a recipe I really enjoyed from Blue Apron.

All it is, is 4 ozs. of cabbage, sliced thin, 1 Tbs. rice vinegar, 1/4 onion and a kimchi spice blend of gochugaru, sugar garlic powder, ginger, black and white sesame seeds. Drizzle with olive oil and toss thoroughly to coat. Season with salt and pepper to taste and set aside to marinate for 10 minutes, stirring occasionally. As the rice has been cooking, it will be added to the cabbage and cooked, salt and peppered till the cabbage is well cooked. Then serve with whatever meat is going along with the meal. Tonight it is Burgundy Pepper steak. (yeah, we eat well, I guess)
So here are some cards I made yesterday at Betty's house. We did a lot of Copic marker coloring and shading....I am not too good at it. I liked the way the flowers turned out. But, my frog did not turn out too well, he should have been a little bit more lighter on the bottom. The back ground is just pattered paper, but adds to the flowers and frog.
Liked the way this card turned out....the little flowers are glued with a tweezers and toothpick...was a very putsey little card to put together, but turned out very nice.
I loved this card. Betty has these markers that don't dry quickly, so you can ink the stamp and stamp it on the card stock and it keeps the color....usually you have to "huff and puff" the stamp to keep moisture on the ink....these stamps, you don't have to "huff and puff" this pretty stamp.
Well, it is always fun to go to Betty's house to learn and get a few new ideas in's just a "once a month" meeting, but enjoyable and gets me out of the house.

Pretty soon it will be time to work outside.....and get the pond going and weeds pulled. I think we might order some mulch and mulch the heck out of the front and back yard.....maybe that will keep the weeds at bay.

Well time to close here and get my rice and cabbage chopped as it is the intermission between 1st and 2nd period. I will let you know who won....I am sure you are really interested in!!!
Cheers ~ Louise

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