Friday, February 26, 2016

Looking Forward To.....

Hi there everyone...guess I have been "MIA" again. Just not a lot of things to write about....winter starts to get a little bit long by this time. Although the snow is beginning to melt and the birds are tweeting it is feeling like Spring.

I am looking forward to Spring and my gardens, flowers and trickling water in the pond. Bringing out all my ceramic animal creatures.....there's just something about know??
Maybe this year, I will be able to "ENJOY" the Summer and my backyard. Sickness won't be a focal point in my life this year. It's hard to believe a Hernia can rule one's life the way that hernia did.
These are my little Cosmos....I bought some little plants and also planted some seeds. I am thinking there may be some volunteer cosmos coming this year....hand hardly wait to see what happens.
These "Brown Eyed Susan's" volunteer every year in my front yard. I wish they would volunteer in the backyard too....maybe cause it is not that sunny. Front yard is all sun. those tulips, I was not able to plant new bulbs last Fall, because of being sick with the hernia......maybe this Fall some new bulbs will get planted. (geez...the thought of Fall, put that out of my mind.)
My Crocuse's growing along side the house....a sure sign of spring when they show their little flowers.
Another picture of my little babbling pond....gosh I love the sound of water trickling....oh, but I guess the pond was not trickling in this shot.....but it sure looks nice.
My lovely rose of summer....can't be any more beautiful. I must make a copy of this rose and frame it. (Some day)

This past week I have been working on getting papers together for  Income Tax time. Be glad when this is over and the refund comes, then I can breathe a bit. I am hoping that we will get enough of a refund that I can buy a new (used) stove. My stove is going on 25-30 years and a couple of burners do not work along with the clock and timer......with all the cooking I do, a new stove is needed, tools of the trade, right???

JP's family was here last Friday....they got here about noon and left at 2:30....not a long visit....we went to Festival food and got some take out food at the salad bar, which is always good. They wanted to get back to Chicago before it got too late and the kids were a bit crabby time to leave.

Sunday, I am going to a Stampin' Up Camp. Those are always fun. I will post the cards I make on Monday. They will be mostly Birthday that will be neat. I need some ideas for Hospice, cause next week is my Hospice meeting and I need to get about 50 cards put together.

Next week I have my Blue Apron meals coming....that seems to be the highlight of my week is cooking something different. I bought a plantain banana today...I am going to fry it in the next few days. I saw a recipe from Blue Apron doing that, do you think I can find that recipe...nope, so I guess I will try one of my favorite places to go for recipes.

Well, time to close, need to get some dishes done and dinner cooked before JP comes home. Have a great day tomorrow and keep looking up.....better days are coming!!! Cheers ~ Louise


Attic Clutter said...

Pretty pretty flowers :)

... Blue Apron meals..oh Fun Louise..:)

MIA..oh me too..
had some veins stripped in my legs Friday, am all bound up and walk like a funny looking ..not too much pain just quite uncomfortable..
get the wrappings off in the morn ,can't wait!!
...OH and just been doing other things..a long winter for sure..
Am glad like you Spring is almost here..

Biz said...

I know what you mean, by February I am just really done with winter and want to fire up the grill already!

Looking forward to your Blue Apron meals - wish that it worked for us, but with mostly me taking advantage of it, didn't make sense money wise.

Hope you have a wonderful week! Hugs!

cards4ubylouise and other treasures said...

Hi Patty....glad you could stop by. Sorry to hear about you vein stripping, sounds very uncomfortable. For sure, be glad when Spring is here.

cards4ubylouise and other treasures said...

Hi Biz....Oh I will be sure to post they are the highlight of my day when I have a meal to cook. Sorry it did not work for you. But if you signed up maybe you can still get their recipes....just for the fun if it and try their recipes that way. I think if you type you can get all their recipes.


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