Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Blue Apron Meal #2 - Summer Soba Salad

Hi there everyone. How is your day going. It's been warm here and our window air conditioner in the kitchen konked!!! So needless to say, it has been warm in the kitchen when I cook.

Just to let you know.....card making has not been a priority on my list of late....that's why you have not seen any cards. My only excuses are:
#1- no inspiration,
#2- hard to see, (as I am now going through cataract surgeries)
#3-still disorganized from home improvements that were made in May. I look at the mess in the basement and just don't know where to start organizing first.
#4-summer has been the priority with planting, watering and enjoying the season.
#5-just not feeling up to par the past couple of months.

So much for my tail of woes. In the next few pictures is the food I received from Blue Apron last Thursday to make this tasty meal Monday evening. Here is the site for Blue Apron.
Summer Soba Salad with Corn and Soy-Mirin Dressing
Here are all the vegies prepped and ready, one thing not prepped was the ginger....did that after I took the picture. The ginger was added to the corn....just may do that's the time with corn being so fresh. The ginger gave it that extra spicy zing!!!
So in the below picture is the finished product....oh yes......this was delicious, I most definitely will make this again. When you order  your food, you can order for two people or four. Even for two people this was more then enough for the two of us.
If you go on the Blue Apron site, go to their "cookbook" and type in "Summer Soba Salad",  you can get the recipe there if you are interested in making this tasty salad. Tomorrow, my new order comes. I will take pictures.

I told JP this afternoon...."you sure have been eating well this week"....there has been plenty of left-overs for his lunch before leaving for work.

Tomorrow, I will post the 3rd meal, "Vietnamese Chicken Wings with Salad and Rice". Another winner in my books.

Have a good evening and keep looking up. Cheers ~ Louise

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