Sunday, June 14, 2015

Beautiful Bella & Pretty Peonies

Hi there everyone. Hope you had a "bellissimo" weekend. Ours was kind of exciting. Thursday it started out with this site. BELLA sitting on her roof!!! What a site, I tell ya. For whatever reason, she crawls through the window screens and just sits there, waiting for her humans to come home. Well on this fine day, it happened that the man from Rebuilding Together came by to pick up their sign and he saw Bella sitting on the roof. He called Community Service. While he was calling Bella decided to go back into the house. Yes, crawling back through the window screen and back to safety.
As soon as he knew Bella was safe, he left. About a half hour later the Community Service police came. They looked around the house and on the roof. One of them saw me standing on the porch and came over. I told them Bella sits on the roof waiting....she does not jump, but I guess she could and it would be a long hard jump for her. She has done this a few other times. When I see the owners I will tell them and get their phone number. Next time this happens, I will call them and let them know. they said, "great...because there was really NOTHING they could do."

Saturday....Bella was on the roof again. I tell ya....I get such a kick out of seeing Bella sitting calmly on the roof looking off into the distance. She is so funny!!! BUT, not so funny on this day. I went over to Bella's home and told her master "John" about her antics. Bella thought it was great that I was visiting and to get John's attention, she decided to eat a DEAD chipmunk!!! Oh yuk.....I could not look cause every time I looked, I almost lost it and gagged!!! John never did get that dead chipmunk out of Bella's mouth. Bella thought it was great sport and pranced around, thinking she had done a wonderful thing.
After she ate the chipmunk she came up to the porch and wanted to greet me with a mouth shake....looking closely at her, Bella has to different colored blue and one grey/white....funny dog!!!

Here you see my peonies...these are in a bouquet in the front of the house. Hold on, I shall go take another picture of the peonies.....the sun is out now I think I will use this picture as the header for this blog.
Here we are a picture of the peonies in a bouquet in front of the house. See my cucumbers to the right?? 3 in a pot and 4 or 5 in the way or the other....I shall get some cucumbers this summer. Maybe I will be able to share some too. Or make lots of pickles this summer.

My little evergreen tree planted by "Rebuilding Together" is not doing too well....we have to get some cow manure for it this week. I shall make some tea and give it a shot for all the plants....they can hardly wait.

Well, time to close here....think I will go downstairs and make a few cards...have not been down there for awhile....guess outside work is taking up my time.

I have found a wonderful book to's called "The Mystery Of Lucy and the Dark Woods" by Diana Kosmoski, it's her first authored book and I have found it very interesting and good reading. I have taken time, after JP leaves for work, I sit on the front porch for about an hour with an ice tea and Kylie watching the action on the street from the porch. It is very relaxing. As for most books I get interested in, I don't want the end to come...but it will. I may have to ask Diana to write a sequel.

You have a great week and keep looking up. Cheers ~ Louise


Brenda in IN said...

It sounds like Bella keeps you entertained. My friends dog brought home a dead animal too and was so proud of himself. It's a dog thing! Your flowers are so pretty.

cards4ubylouise and other treasures said...

Hi Brenda....yes I do keep my eye on Bella....she is a funny dog. Thanks on the flowers.


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