Thursday, February 19, 2015

Made Some New Cards Today

Hi there everyone. Well, today I went to my friends house to make these beautiful cards. BURRRR it was cold outside...traveling to her house was a little chilly, but once there, things warmed up.
We made this cute card that looked like a miniature "dressing screen" not sure if that's the real name.....but I sure wouldn't mind dressing behind this long as there was not a window behind the!

The card is a 4 paneled card, the top and bottom of the card was punched with two different punches. I screwed up on the first teacher helped me with the second card. Then each panel was stamped with a lovely flowered design then colored with copic markers. Not sure who I will give this card to....maybe keep it and just enjoy it for awhile.
In this picture, the same card folded up and tied with a lovely purple ribbon, which fits perfectly in an envelope.
This was a really neat card to make. I accidentally sprinkled the card with too much water. I wanted to start over but the ladies said it looked like the Northern, I continued on with making the card. First the card was dabbed with distress ink around the edges of the card, the pink added in the center. Water was sprinkled (not blotched).....then let dry. Stamped with a scenery stamp and bow with embossed greeting. I really like the effect, I might try this technique with red and orange ink...maybe it will look like a fiery sunset. 
This next card was fun....again I messed up on the bird....added too much brown....Betty gave me a new bird to color. I just don't know what my problem was of those days I guess. The bird and pine cones were embossed then colored with copic markers.
Now this was an interesting card to make. It is actually a paper napkin. I never would have thought to use a napkin. It was a 3 ply napkin, so we had to peel the napkin down to this layer. (Again, I had a hard time peeling the layers...geez!!!) Then, after struggling to get to this layer, finally glued it to card stock. Then it was layered on a decorative die cut....a gem added and a birthday wish at the top.

I think I might try making some more napkin cards....will keep my eye opened for some interesting napkins.

Well, again, I am having another card give away of a St. Patrick's Day card. I am thinking to give away the header card at the top. So, all you need do is leave a comment on each of my posts till March 10th. I will pick a 4 names and mail the winners a card in time for St Patrick's Day. Wish you all could be winners....but I can always have another card give away till you all receive a card.

Have a great day and keep looking up. Cheers ~ Louise


Brenda in IN said...

Your day sounds like the one I had trying to make just one card! Some days are just like that! Your cards came out well and are really nice.

Patricia said...

Hi Louise. The purple ribbon card is my favorite from this batch. Looks like a fun get together with your friends.


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