Friday, November 28, 2014


Hi there everyone. Hope you all had a wonderful Thanksgiving with family and friends. Now we head into the Christmas season like a bull let loose in a china store!!!! Yikes! What a mess!!!!

As I have not put up Christmas as yet....thought I would go back into my picture archives and brings up some Christmas pictures from 2013. Most likely this is what decorations will look like for 2014....not a lot of changes.

This is my little table Christmas tree. I thought about buying a new little "white" tree....but I am not sure yet. I like the idea of turning it into a "snowman" as you can see in my banner picture....I thought he was rather cute....where ever do people come up with these amazes me. I had a white Christmas tree years ago and all the decorations were red. It sure was a pretty tree. JP and I were the only ones to enjoy it never showed up. They did not like our living conditions....we were living together and that was not acknowledged back then....we are talking 1972 and 1973. Oh well...times have sure changed.
My Three Kings. I made these guys back in 1968, they are paper mache'....yep they are going on 46 years old. They are packed away in an "All Detergent box" and I suspect the Kings and "All Container" are all antiques.
Here is my Christmas village....I really enjoy putting this up....although it does take a lot of time, but always fun to look at during the holidays. I always buy some little people or another building to add to the montage of village pieces. My first couple of pieces were the Church and little green roofed park pagoda. From there I just kept adding pieces year after year.... mostly after Christmas sales when everything is 50% to 75% off. That's always a good time to buy.
My snowman....this was the first gift I received from JP back in 1972 (I was expecting a ring, but got a snowman instead). The ceramic angel was made and given to me by a lady back in 1984...we were, at the time picking up kids in a bus and taking them to church....I guess she was happy that we took him off  her hands for Sunday mornings. Brock was his name.....he is probably a married man with kids of his own now. Funny how different things bring back memories.
These are some cookies I made and probably sent some to my Step-father in LasVegas. Need to think about his gift and get it out before the rush....what do you get an 88 year old???? So hard. My snowman in this picture was given to me by my Mother. She had a friend that was into ceramic's always fun to pull him out of the box all wrapped up and set him up someplace in the house.....he always makes me smile.

Well there you have it.....a little bit of Christmas in my neck of the woods. Now the work begins, to lug things up from the basement, one box at a time. What a chore....but it is so cheery and Christmasy when the job is done.

Well, you all have a great day and keep looking up. Cheers ~ Louise


Susie said...

Louise, Love all your cute things. It is hard to buy for older people. If they can get certifacates to go eat is a good thing. Don't you wonder how many pj's, slippers and hankies they own? If one could only give time. Time is a precious thing, time to visit, time to do some household chores for the elderly. Blessings to you, xoxo,Susie

Attic Clutter said...

Oh Hi Louise(:)
missed u ..been a busy one..
love love the table tree so much..the colors are fab!!
and the little house table church scene..just 'my kinda decor' for Christmas!!
Had a wonderful Thanksgiving.
Hope u did too ..


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