Saturday, November 15, 2014

An Etsy Sale and 4 New Christmas Cards

Hi there did your Saturday go today???? Mine was quiet, which is what I like. Husband was gone most of the day, so I could get a few things done without interruptions. He left the house about that gave me another hour of sleep. Woke up at 11am, did my blood sugars which was a little high today. 144, must have been the pasta last night. Well, we had some more pasta tonight, so we shall see what the numbers will be tomorrow morning.

I wanted to get downstairs and set up my old computer, it's been sitting on the work bench for 9 months.....but I never made it. (still have 5 hours before bed time though, so there is still time). Maybe when I am done blogging here.

Changed the linens on the bed and moved the bed around on a different wall. Dust mopped and vacuumed the floor, ah, now we have a new room. Took pictures of the cards I made on Thursday, so I could post them here tonight. Oh, and another thing I did today, went over bills for the month to see how much will be paid on each. That is always a challenge, to see how far the pay checks stretch.

Thursday I went to a friends house to make these cards. Gosh, been going to her house once a month for 7-8 here is card's all die cuts and we just glued the pieces on the cardstock which had been run through a cuttlebug. Those are snowflakes in the background.
Card #2....Die cuts and cuttlebug folder, I like this folder and do have this one at home....pretty, pretty. A deer, holly and greenery.
Card #3.....a wreath die cut, this was a fun one. The background is a cuttlebug folder with dots and swirls.
Card #4....a round scalloped circle, cut and inked then popped up to make it look like a pine cone. The background was run through the cuttlebug with a dot folder. So there you have it, an array of Christmas cards, I might just use these to send out to family and friends this year. Watch your mail box....who may be one of the blessed recipients.

I mentioned in my title that I had an Etsy Sale the other day.....yes, they always makes my day. 15 Christmas cards....will be due in the mail in the next few days. It's always fun to see "Etsy Transaction" in my heart always skips a beat....thank you!!!!!

Well, time to close for tonight and go to my other blog and put these cards up there. You all have a great day tomorrow and keep looking up. Sorry my blog was so boring....there are some days I lead a very quiet and boring life I guess. out next weekend....Going out to eat and celebrate 68 years of in the world did I get this old?????
Cheers ~ Louise


Susie said...

Louise, You and your friend have made some wonderful cards. so pretty. Nice that you got some things done in your quiet time. Blessings, xoxo,Susie

cards4ubylouise and other treasures said...

Thanks Susie and thanks for stopping by. I visit you everyday...though I don't always comment. Emails are the only way I can reach you. Sorry 'bout that.

NanaDiana said...

Your cards are always so beautiful, Louise. I just love them. You do wonderful work and how fun that you have been able to go to your friend's house for so many years to make them. xo Diana

Louise- I changed my settings so you should be able to leave me a comment now. Let me know if you try it and can't.

Biz said...

You are so talented Louise - I know my friends and family will love them! Stay warm!

cards4ubylouise and other treasures said...

Thank you Diana. Yes, I have learned many techniques going to my friends house to make cards.

Okay...I shall leave a comment on your blog and see how it works...if not emails are okay.

cards4ubylouise and other treasures said...

Thanks Biz...talent in the arts, but not in other areas of my life...that is for sure.

Attic Clutter said...

Oh love the reindeer card..all of them are so nice (:)
Hubby gone-- oh yes love that time to get things done too
blood sugar oh ugh..mine was 39 after too many carbs Saturday..
kinda upsetting but am back to watching my will be fine soon..hugs,Patty

cards4ubylouise and other treasures said...

Hi Patty, Thanks on the cards. Yes, I enjoy my evenings cause the husband has second shift too. Uge right...blood sugars. Was your number 139 or 239....239 would scare me. 139 seems to be the norm for me. Have a good one.


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