Friday, November 21, 2014

Ah....Birthday Blessings

Hi there everyone. Hope you had a wonderful day. I did, thank you. Today I turned 68, yikes now that is a big number. Never thought I would make it this far. I am sure those of you who are older will say, "Ah you are still young and have many more years ahead of you" But you know what? I am still feeling older, just can't do some of the things I used to, and seem to walk a little bit slower these days....yeah, "my mind is willing but the body ain't."

Well today started out with a bang. JP had to get blood tests, because he has another appointment with the urologist next week. He is still dealing with the problem he has had for 6 months. He did finally go to the foot doctor and had his corns and warts shaved off and an acid put on the wart. WaLa.....he can now walk and the corns and warts don't bother him. Still have not gotten the bill for that adventure as yet.

So I got up at 9:30am, only because the phone rang at 8:10am and 9:20am....and no one was there, geez could not even sleep in today. Did my blood, made a green smoothie and fed Kylie. Turned on the computer and off we go into cyber-space. 1st I checked Facebook to see Birthday greetings from friends, then on to blogs, emails and pinterest, yes, so much to do.

So Thursday I went shopping and splurged on this lovely bouquet of flowers for $2.98. My choice of cake was a New York Style Cheese Cake, half chocolate chip and half plain cheese for $9.99 at Festival. I made some cranberry sauce and spooned that over the cake.....MMMMM was it good. No pictures as yet, that is coming in the next blog. If we don't eat the cake up before I can take a picture. :)

The mailman came Thursday with 3 cards in the mail for me....that was nice. One was from a blogger friend and another one from a stamping friend (both these cards were homemade). The 3rd card was one of those regular cards (but pretty) from an old friend that I used to work with at The Salvation Army. I always feel guilty when she sends a card, cause I always seem to forget her birthday in March......I must remember this next time around.
While I was on Facebook, my SIL messaged me that her daughter (our niece) had a baby that was neat....what a great day to be born on ~ November 21st. Her name is Madelyn Renee and so very cute too!!!

So JP came home and we made plans for the day. I would go to Shopko and get his meds and a few other things. I was going to get a wok that was on clearance ($59.99 marked down to $39.99), walked around with it in the cart and then talked myself out of it. I did have one 6 months ago and wore it out and thought I would get a new one.....but now I won't.  Not unless I change my mind again. What I  really want to get is a portable record player....yeah, and play some of my old records while making cards....doesn't that sound like fun???  Been wanting a record player for a very long time....maybe now is the time.

The record player is on sale for $79.00, marked down to $59.00 and with my $10 off coupon would bring it down to $49.00. Then the next big decision is....what color, black, red or turquoise.....gosh, so many decisions. But yeah....I think that is the route I will go, sometimes I just don't want to watch TV while making cards and just listening to music would be fun. I can pull out all my old records and reminisce. There's 78's, 45's and 33's...yeah, good times.

So after shopping, JP and I went to the library for a book sale. While I looked at the books, he went to a music store to see if his old concertina as tradeable for a saxophone. We'll see what happens on that deal.

So anyways I bought a few books, some cook books, diet books, antique books and a dvd. Gosh the library had a lot of books for sale...there were some old, old books too...I thought I would buy one, it was dated 1860...hummm...maybe I should have bought it. I did get a child's cookbook, that I think might be worth $30.00, it was a first edition, first printing, a little worn....but maybe worth something. I saw one on Etsy just like it and was selling for $37.00.

While I was checking out the books, one of the ladies looked at me and said, "Your hair is so beautiful, I watched you as you were walking around. Your hair color is beautiful" Well I said, "thank you, you made my day. I was just telling my husband this morning that I needed to do something with my is getting so grey!!!!" JP said, " looks nice". Guess I will keep it, must be my crown of glory from God.

After the library, we dropped off the Concertina and books at home and went to BJ Clancy's for my free steak. If you show up there on your birthday your dinner is free....such a deal, can not pass that up. We like to go to BJ's for our birthdays.....sometimes it works out, sometimes not. Actually brought home some steak for a snack tomorrow....maybe I should freeze it....we'll see. We got home, and I walked Kylie down the block and back....very chilly and wind was blowing....burrrrrrr!!!

Schwan's Man came.....bought some asparagus for my green smoothies, some turkey pot pies and garlic cheese bread. I know, a little pricey......but oh so good!!! Well, I think that about covers my birthday day....very busy but lots of fun....sorry my blog is so wordy but's my birthday, what did you expect????

You all have a great day and keep looking up.....Oh I for got to add, today was a bright and sunny day.....must have been a gift from God.  Cheers ~ Louise


Susie said...

Louise, Happy birthday !! Sounds like you had a busy day. Oh I know that trying to sleep in thing never works. I feel guilty if I am in bed at 7:00. So I usually get up between 6:30 -7:00. Hope you enjoy a beautiful new year. One filled with love , happiness and good health. xoxo,Susie

cards4ubylouise and other treasures said...

Thanks Susie. Night owls like to sleep in. I don't usually go to bed til 2:30am. But the rest of the world is up at 7 or 8....oh well, so there is always nap times. (lol)

Patricia said...

I know I'm late, but I still wanted to wish you a happy birthday. Sounds like you had a very nice one.

cards4ubylouise and other treasures said...

Hi Patricia....I did, thank you. Except today on the way home our car broke down...that was and should not be part of my birthday celebration...right?!?! Car had to be towed almost 25 miles back to home. Cerpentine belt broke.


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