Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Vintage Pictures...when life was simple?!?

Hi everyone. Oh my.....I guess we are getting some more snow tomorrow...I want so much to start doing things outside....but I guess we have to wait. My seeds that I ordered from Etsy should be arriving any day now...so I will have my fingers in some dirt by this weekend.

I was playing on Pinterest tonight, saw some neat vintage pictures and thought I would post them here for something different. Hope you enjoy. Being I used to be a hairdresser years ago....my eyes always look first to the hair-dos. As you scroll down you'll see some light romance and dancers.
Thought this was a very pretty lady........love the blues and the softness of the picture. I can only imagine what her thoughts were while this picture was being taken. Do you think life was a little bit simpler back then...I wonder.
This lady sure has some long flowing hair on her head.....looks real curly too. I think it could use a little trim.....maybe a big trim...lol!!
I looked real close at this picture of the young girl....it looks like she had a really tight perm...the hair almost looks "frizzy" on the ends....poor little girl. My mom used to give me tight perms when I was younger...uge...almost frizzy, I would put a bow in the middle of my hairdo and called myself a poodle....ha!! Her lips sure are cute though, aren't they?
Look at the head of hair on this flapper from the 20's...I was reading that the flappers were a rebelious bunch of kids...smoking, drinking, dancing, wild parties. Kind of like now...guess nothing has changed in that department.
Here's a couple of flappers doing the "charlston" together. They look like they were having some real fun. He sure has a head of hair on his head, looks like an "Elvis" hairdo...pretty wild, huh!?!
This last picture is just a little bit of romance for you. Sweet picture, just over the moon. I have been enjoying the moon the last couple of nights...it has been so pretty and bright.

Well, there you have it a few pictures from the past. I've been playing with Ancestry.com the last couple of days, so I guess that is why these old pictures attracted me. For some reason, my grandfather and grandmother have been hard people to find. They died in '59 and '63. I found my grandfater in the 1940 census...but after that I hit the brick wall, not sure where he was from 1940 to 1959 and my mother never talked about him. Well I have until the 28th to try and find some new info. I did find out my father only had a 6th grade education, at 21 he was still living with his mother. He was working for a Dept Store in shipping...that was some new info that I never knew before. Well, I will keep on searching and see what comes up.

In the mean time you all have a great day and keep looking up. Cheers ~ Louise


NanaDiana said...

I hope you can find more information about your grandfather, Louise.

Those old pictures are amazing, aren't they? I suppose the one with long tresses was very proud of that long curly hair. Can you imagine taking care of that? lol xo Diana

Susie said...

I think life was way simpler before computers. The world picked up speed then. My neighbor girl's mom used to give her home perms and they were super curly. Blessings, xoxo,Susie

sweetvintageofmine said...

Hi Louise, How are you today? I sooo enjoyed your post!! LOVE the old pictures...so fun!! I think people knew how to have fun back then (still much cleaner than today!) The lady with the loooong hair, now thats something! And I Think the couple doing the charleston is adorable! I'll pray you find more info about your Grandfather~~~Blessings~~~Roxie


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