Tuesday, January 28, 2014

My Cards4ubylouise Studio

Hi everyone. Hope you are keeping WARM in this freezing cold Polar Vortex?????!!!! Thought I would type a few words while JP eats his dinner....yea, it's about 1:14am and he is slurping up the last of his fruit and yogurt. I made some rustic bread, vegie marinara sauce over spaghetti and beans. Today's marinara sauce includes a 28oz of crushed tomatoes, roasted zucchini, green peppers, onions, carrots, celery, sliced cabbage and garlic. After roasting the vegies, I let them cool, then added the vegies to the crushed tomatoes and brought to a soft boil. Used my immersable blender to blend altogether, you can't even tell there are all those extra wonderful vegies in there. How healthy is this recipe????

I am most definitely spoiled now.....probably will never buy another jar of tomato sauce again.
So here we are in my "Woman Cave". I guess that is what you would call it, my place to get away and play a little. I know, I know that's a lot of stuff. But it is an accumulation of about 15 years or so. Ya just never know when a technique will come up and I just might have the stuff to make it!!! This is the view of where I sit and create. In front and to the side of me are my many pens. The drawers hold fancy papers, stamps, embossing powders, watercolor pencils, H2o colors, paints, washi tape and many misc. things.
From this angle are my inks, papers, cuttlebug and die cuts, folders, punches, glues, tape, scissors, boxes and containers of punched out designs oh, and a drawer full of "Valentine embellishments".
From this angle, are cards already made, cards waiting to be made, envelopes, stamps and many embellishments, Quilling, Iris folding, flowers, glitter, ribbon, scrap paper, plastic sleeves and Etsy tags and cards.
On the same wall and on the other side of the basement, is scrap booking stuff, books, idea books, folders, beads for jewelery making, Hospice inserts, wooden block and acrylic stamps. I do have another section of stamping stuff, in the other room are my Christmas, Easter, Valentine, St.Patrick stamps, more ribbons and magazines.
And here is my special friend, Kylie who sits in her chair keeping me company. So there you have it, a tour of my "cards4ubylouise studio". It's not like some of the other gorgeous stamping studios you may have seen....but it is my little studio. Maybe someday I will have an actual room, totally organized, with windows and sunlight beaming through, bright and airy!!!

Well, the President is giving his State of the Union Address.......ho hum....sounds like we are living in some kind of Utopian place, according to him. I sure don't see that, like what planet is he talking about? I will be interested to hear what Rush, Sean and Mark Levine have to say about Obama's speech. Oh yesssss. he just said "Give America a Raise" that would be nice....oh cool "MyRA" a savings for us poor people, so they can take more from us...hahahahah, sounds good????? I better go, before I get in trouble.

Have a great day tomorrow and keep looking up and keep warm in this cold, cold unpredictable weather. Cheers ~ Louise

JUST A NOTE: Incase you were wondering. We got our car back today, to the tune of $396.00, hopefully nothing eles happens and we can pay off what we owe by the end of this year.(like about $1000????)


NanaDiana said...

Oh- You have LOTS of craft stuff. I am feeling better now about how much I have! lol Of course, I have a whole cabinet full of fabric, too. lol

I turned O'Bama off-sorry to say. I will listen to the hashing over it tomorrow.

Have a good night and tomorrow and enjoy the heat wave tomorrow- up to TWENTY BELOW! xo Diana

sweetvintageofmine said...

Evening Louise, I love your little cozy spot "womans cave"! Very organized and I'm sure you know where everything is that you need!! And you have the most precious thing of all working right beside you, keeping you company! And yes, like you..don't get me started about the Prez...you said it for me! lol! Blessings~~~Roxie

Brenda in IN said...

What a great space you have. Lots of room for all your stash and a big place to work. It is your "lady cave".

Biz said...

I loved seeing a behind the scenes of your craftiness!

Hope you don't get as much snow as they are saying we will get - so done with this winter - stay warm!

angela said...

hi louise!
your woman cave is awesome! it's nice to have someone like kylie to keep you company while you work :) and do you add any seasonings to your sauce. it sounds delicious! do you have a recipe to share? thanks for sharing. i love to see studio spaces. hope you are having a lovely weekend!


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