Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Flowers and Antique Roadshow.

Hi everyone....hope you are keeping warm. Going to make this a short blog. Thought I would put a few pictures of last summers garden flowers up today (I am missing my flowers)....need a little warmth to look at instead of ice and snow and cold wind.
In the above picture is my Habiscus. Apparently I cut the bloom off the bush and brought it in the house, putting it in a container of water. I don't think it lasted long though and wilted. I brought the plant in the house for the winter...seems to be doing well with little tiny blooms beginning to appear. More flowers coming in the near future.
This is my lovely white rose......a lovely plant that takes it's time to start new growth in the spring. Last spring I almost dug this bush up because it was taking so long to grow....I thought the hard winter had killed it off. So right now this lovely rose bush is sitting under 3-4 feet of snow right now.......hope it is keeping warm and will bloom again.
These flowers are my zennias....I always love to have zennias growing on the side of the house....flowers to look at as I walk into the house.

It's 2:50am. JP is eating shelled nuts, I recorded Antique Roadshow for him to watch. He does for a little while then dozes off. For some unknown reason this program makes me sleepy too, so while I am typing and listening to the program.....my eyes are getting very heavy.....so maybe I need to close this blog for tonight. So you all take care and keep looking up!!!
Cheers ~ Louise


Patricia said...

I would think you would be sleepy at 2:50 AM. No wonder your eyes were getting tired... says she who hardly ever makes it to 9:30 pm. I'm actually an early bird.

Patricia said...

Oh, now I know why you are up so late in the middle of the night. Rick used to have shift work in the Navy. The worst shift for us was when he had to do a day, mid, and eve shift in the space of 48 hours and then the third day he was off, but sleepy and too exhausted to do anything. I absolutely hated that schedule. It was awful trying to be quiet when he needed to sleep, and we had young kids at the time. Glad those days are behind us.

Attic Clutter said...

hehe oh missing your pretty flower(:)
won't be long we will be digging in the dirt(:)


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