Thursday, January 9, 2014

A Card Makin' Kind of Day

Hi everyone of you!!! Hope your day went well. Watching "The Taste" right now. Instead of just sitting here and watching...perhaps I should do a short blog too. "I loves" these cooking shows, some of these people must have 50 recipe books in their heads. To just know what works with what and some dishes are just so elegant. Right now they are choosing the best and worst tastes....think Jay will go home. Nigella will be down to 2 cooks on her team. (Yep...he went home)

Today was a good day....I ventured out in the cold....the temperature in the car said 8 degrees. It actually felt comfortable. I must be a hardened Wisconsinite!!! The weather this weekend is suppose to warm up to 30 degrees....a heat wave!!!

So today I went to Betty's house for a card making session. It's always fun to get a few new ideas.
In the above picture are the 4 cards we made, 3 bird cards and 1 doggie card. The doggie card was my favorite...I need to buy a doggie paw stamp, must keep my eye opened for one. The bottom card on the right was an interesting card to make. We used "onion paper" folded it like a fan and laid it on the card...rather a pretty effect. Now where do I find "onion paper"?????
This was my favorite card....the little puppy. He was colored in with copic markers. Finally getting the idea of working and shading with the copics, but I really have more to learn. The card was then layered with pretty papers and stamped with the doggie paw. The heart was popped up with pop-ups to give it a 3-D effect.
I liked the colors on this and orange (are those Chicago Bear colors????) Oh my.....Packer colors are better. Hahahhahaaha!!! Well, it was a fun card to make. While at Betty's, I stamped a little boy playing football and will be coloring him with Bear Colors for someone I know....I am sure he will like it. Maybe that would be a cute card to put on my Etsy store. The little boy playing football in the colors of all the teams in the NFL....something to think about for the new season.

Well, tis time to close this blog and get something done before JP comes home from work. So talk to you later and have a good evening, whats left of it. Keep looking up and keep warm. Cheers ~ Louise


NanaDiana said...

Those are really, really darling,Louise. I was just at another blog and she mentioned that the paper supply store (card supplies maybe) is closing and she was so bummed about it. xo Diana

Attic Clutter said...

oh cute Louise(:)
the doggy one and that birdy butt is cleve(:)
cold there whew!!
not as cold here..
have a good one (:)

Attic Clutter said...

oops meant clever(:)

Patricia said...

Yep, those are cute cards. It's so nice to have crafting time with someone that likes it as much as you do. Sounds like you had a very nice day.

Tina said...

Pretty cards! My favorite one is the one with the owl :)


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