Wednesday, October 23, 2013

This and That........

Hi everyone, well it is a beautiful, sunny day and temps are 46 degrees (at this moment). Nice outside, today I need to get some leaf raking done. But that will be after this blog is finished and after I pay some bills and balance the check book. Then most likely it will be time to get JP ready for work and make his lunch and something to eat before he leaves.
Thought I would show you how my hibiscus is growing. This picture is from this summer, had her sitting on the stairs for a couple of weeks to catch the rain, sometimes a shot of rain water is better then tap water I wanted to get the dust off her....she needed a bath!!! Those cute little yellow flowers at the bottom are marigolds....they sure did their thing this year and showed all their glory!!!
This picture is a close up of the hibiscus. Just love this plant. I guess this is the 3rd or 4th year I have had it. Paid $1.50 for it at Walmart....end of the season clearance.........I think I got my money's worth on this plant. Course that does not take into consideration all the plants I have bought from Walmart and they did not make it....guess I tend to forget that.
In the above picture is the hibiscus in the front room now...brought her in this week cause it was getting kind of cold outside and she had so many new buds that I didn't want to stand the chance of losing any of them. So needless to say she is enjoying her winterizing in her favorite window. She seems to bloom and have at least 5-6 blooms, my, she is a happy camper. So am I, love watching her grow.
I did something unique.....Went to Archivers and had some pictures made of the flowers I took around the house and had them enlarged, and framed them with some frames I picked up at a rummage sale. I want to enlarge some more pictures and sell them in my Etsy store. Have them matted......see how much that would cost to do. Maybe a hibiscus picture would be fun to do also.
In the above picture is a breakfast I made for myself a couple of days ago. Oiled the pan with olive oil, dropped some spinach in then 2 eggs, breaking the yokes and smeared the egg around, sprinkled with cheese and a slice of ham or whatever meat is handy...(today I used Italian sausage). Toasted a tortilla wrap, flipped the egg mixture over like an omelet then layered on the wrap...sometimes I sprinkle some hot sauce on...but not today, Italian sausage worked just fine!! Not sure what the calorie intake is, but I am guessing around 450 or so. Weight has been a very hard thing for me to lose lately. Since I have been on this new Blood Sugar medication, my numbers have been down but my weight went up. Not sure what is worse, the blood sugars up and weight down or visa versa. Oh well...just one of the side effects of the medication, so what else is new.

Well, time to get going and get this show on the road, it's almost 12noon and I am still sitting here with my robe on. Lazy Louise!!!

You all have a great day and keep looking up for your redemption draws nigh!!!
Cheers ~ Louise


Brenda in IN said...

Flowers are gorgeous. That's a good idea to frame them and use for home decor. I'm finding I'm spending too much time online as well. Made myself stop and shower this am but still want to finish reading the blogs!

Biz said...

Nothing wrong with being in your bathroom until noon - love it!

And I loved the framed photos - I've actually been asked by a couple blog readers through the years for some of my nature pictures so they could frame it - so fun!

I am loving the cooler temps!

Patricia said...

I need to get to the budget today as well, but here I am visiting blogs first. Love your hibiscus photos. Have a wonderful morning. I'm happily spending some time at home this morning after having a busy week. I'm heading to town later this afternoon for groceries and a hot dog dinner with Rick at Costco when he gets off of work. HA! Woo Hoo, dinner date! (laughing here)

Attic Clutter said...

beautiful hibiscus
Yummmy looking brakfast!!
Got your etsy message..
you sound like you have the postage dilemma all figured out (:) YEAH..
will let you know when my cute cards arrive ,ok
hugs p


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