Thursday, October 31, 2013

Hospice Care Group and Cards

Hi everyone. Hope your day is going well. It's been kind of rainy all day and the roof is leaking "AGAIN". Leaky roofs do not make, for a good day, no matter how you look at it. Anyone know where I can get $30,000 to fix a roof, a ceiling fixed because of the leaky roof, 2 big trees cut down in our back yard, get a new snow blower???? Oh...that's just what I am looking at right now it's not including a few other things that need to be fixed. We are not among the rich of America (for those of you who live in other countries and are reading this blog) no, we are among the poor and getting poorer everyday. We are in serious trouble because of this Obama Administration.......very serious trouble.

Well on to better things. Tomorrow the Hospice group meets at Atlanta Bread Co. at 9am. Whew, pretty early for me, hope it is a more cheery, sunny day. I look forward to getting a cup of coffee is always a good cup. I might have enough for a muffin too!!!

I have all my cards done...77 of them. I made some cards and some of the other cards people sent to me. I seem to hold on to them for a while. Hooray for Hospice, it is a good place to donate those cards that seem to accumulate that I don't want to throw out. So I re-design and rearrange them or put them on new card stock, making them all fresh and new looking. The inside of the card has a verse of blessing and saying it is from the Hospice Care Group. In the picture below are the cards all filed and ready to go, from Birthday, Thinking of You, Thank You, Christmas, Thanksgiving.
In the next picture are some birthday cards I made months ago. Found a tutorial on how to make tissue paper flowers using a round punch. Gather all the circles, punch a hole in the middle and fasten with a brad or something that holds the circles together. Krinkle up the layers of tissue and "WAH LAH" a pretty flower. The cards were stamped with Happy Birthday and Washi tape was placed on the card at different angles and the edges dabbed with ink.
Thinking of You cards are in the next picture. The picture on the right is a photo framed with card stock. I had that card laying around for a couple of years...good time to give it a new home. I am thinking of using some of my flower pictures to make cards for Hospice...that may be in my next collection of cards. The other two cards in this photo, the top one, was a picture from another store bought card and I framed it with some fuzzy stuff. The card on the left, a simple stamped card.
Thank You cards below. The card on the right was in my Etsy store which never sold. The top card was made with the cricut machine except for the turtle. The left card is just a simple stamped and layered card...I like that pretty lady, very elegant.
Christmas cards below...the top card and left card were in my Etsy store and never sold, but I am sure they will be appreciated now. They were colored with pens and layered and stamped. The card on the right....a mystery...made it years ago at a class, I forgot the technique...will have to ask the lady who made the card originally how it was made, as she will be there tomorrow.
Thanksgiving cards below...I made none of these cards...just refurbished them. I have not started on my Thanksgiving cards....can you believe it??? I have 3 thanksgiving stamps.....soooo I better get creative as to what I will do plus I have thanksgiving cards to send out to different people.
So, it will be a busy month again...getting ready for Thanksgiving and Christmas card giving. Plus keeping my Etsy store stocked....hopefully with a few sales.

Well, you all have a great day and keep looking up for your redemption draws nigh. Cheers ~ Louise


Jen said...

We were in serious trouble long before the Obama administration came along...Bush was no better and started the downward spiral. Sorry about your leaky roof. We had a new one put on a couple years ago and it had a small leak in it a month ago...I definitely know how you feel.

Attic Clutter said...

oh you are such a good person to help out and donate (:)
Love the tissue flower cards pretty
well Louise have a wonderful weekend and I promise NO more Spiders..this year ..LOL
.......good luck on the 30,000 $$$

Attic Clutter said...

We are in serious trouble because of this Obama Administration.......very serious trouble... yes so true Louise..I am so sad how this country is being destroyed by big Government and the Progressive movement..
pray for a solution !!
OH Love your new BANNER !!


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