Friday, August 23, 2013

What's Moo With Yoo?

Hi Everyone, hope your day went well. It's Friday, and Saturday and Sunday are coming. Funny how we all look forward to the weekend. It's goes so fast and then we are back to Monday in a blink of an eye!!! Highly over-rated, I think. Not sure what we will be doing. Thought we would take a day-road trip someplace, or maybe next Saturday.

JP and I celebrate our 40th wedding Anniversary on the plans for a big party, as we are not the "party kind of people." We didn't even plan a wedding, got married by a Judge at Chicago's City Hall at 11am on Friday, August 27, 1973 (JP was racing at the time and could not take time off to get married). Then at 3pm we were signing papers for the closing of our house at 2525 Greenwood Ct. in Arlington Heights, IL. We were there for 3 years then moved to Wisconsin. That little house is no longer there, as it got torn down, and someone else made alot of $$$ on that acre of land and it wasn't us. But, we have been happy in Wisconsin and probably will not go back to Illinois. We've been in our little house for 22 years.....roots are planted deep like some of the trees around us.
Well, here you see my "cow" card. Picked up this stamp at a thrift store for $1.49. I think I made a really good purchase here. Just listed this card in my Etsy store tonight. So far, at least 5 people have favored sales as yet. Made 8 cow cards. Already gave one as a thank you and another card will go for a thank you also. Listed this card on Etsy and another card will go to my Secret Stamper. Maybe one for Hospice and one for another friend....huh, think that leaves 2 cards left, my they go fast.
So the inside of the card says, "What's Moo with Yoo?" As I did not have a stamp, decided to just print it on the inside of the card....looks good to me....why do I always think I need a stamp, when I can print whatever I want. Years ago I took up calligraphy.....guess it helped in more ways then not.

Well, I think I will close for now.....I have a few things to do before JP gets home from work. He will have left over stew, salad and fruit salad. In my next blog, I am going to give you a really neat recipe. "Fruit Strussel Coffee Cake" Need to take a picture of the finished product. I am using my apples from my apple tree, of which I am so excited about. Will tell you more later. Stay tuned.

You all have a great weekend and keep looking up for your redemption draws nigh. Cheers ~ Louise


Biz said...

Ha - love the Moo card! My step-son lived in Arlington Heights - we'd have to go there every weekend to pick him up when he was younger.

Now he's in Texas - too far for a weekend trip!

Enjoy your weekend!

Attic Clutter said...

aw cute Louise
'whats moo with you (:)
Oh you must re- do the bathroom lordy ..some towels and paint and rugs.. is the floor uglier then mine?
well color floor..atleast I could change the colors in the bathroom and the floor is ok with those colors..but I don't like it ..someday may redo the floor and ceiling..
I hope you can change yours (:)
posted mine today hugs..p

Attic Clutter said...

oh I read your comment again its your floor that holding you back humm
well that's tricky (:)
is there maybe one color you cold use to repaint that would look good with the floor ..LOL????
wow your big 40th Anniversary ..will be fun what ever you do..

Attic Clutter said...

oh I feel for ya on the ugly floors..
I had similar sixties flooring in my bathroom and kitchen , just awful to live with ..
a few years ago did my kitchen in the the Costco ''wood look'' flooring is much better then what I had before..was dark golds and blacks ugly(:) same in my upstairs bathroom ..finally we put in a nice porcelain cream/ tan colored 12x12" tiles.. but now there are some cracks coming in it ugh..
and the downstairs bath is 'not good' but will have to live with it for now.. LOL thanks on my redo and the beige sounds like about the best option for your floors(:)


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