Saturday, April 13, 2013

Missing In Action ~ But Still Alive

Hi Everyone....hope you all made it through the storms that passed by your way. The above picture is our you can see a few limbs fell and the yard is under water, almost like a little river back there. We have lived in this house for 22 years and it seems the last couple of years there has been lots of water back there...not sure why.

We really need to get the tree trimmed as it has been losing lots of limbs...last year a big limb fell on my swing and bent it in the still works but is not as cute as it used to be. 
In this photo you can see how the limbs are weighted down by ice. Was such a strange day with the wind blowing and the sound of the cracking ice......was almost an eerie sound. Didn't want to be out there too long for fear of getting hit by ice.
The next store neighbor is cleaning the front yard. That big old tree (which I dislike cause one day it may drop on our house) dropped a lot of limbs and his electric meter broke from the house, causing no electric for him or the neighbors across the street. We were fine till about 11am.
Here you can see limbs fell on both houses across the street AND on their electric meters cutting them off also. It sure was a mess. I was thankful we did not have a mess to clean up and then about 11am or so the electric went out on us too. 

I had to get really creative, getting JP ready for work was a challenge. I brought out the fondue pot that works with sternos, so I was able to heat up my coffee and make him some soup and peanut butter sandwiches.  He usually likes a smoothie for his lunch, so rather then that just gave him a bowl of fruit and yogurt.

Another problem that arose with no computer. How in the world do you keep in-touch with the outside world????? Well, I had my transistor radio so I could listen to Rush, Sean and Mark, so that was okay........that passed the time. But when you realize, we take electric for granted don't we.....what would we do without it??? How did people do without it in the old days??? I just don't know.

The electric finally went back on about 6pm......whew.....I sure was happy. I had the candles ready for a long night. So, when the electric went on, what was the first thing I turned on??? Right, the computer.......everything working but the Internet....nope, could not get on the what?????

So I was "Internetless" 3 days!!! I called "AT&T" to see if I could get back on.....nope I had to get an upgrade in my Internet I thought while doing that I might as well get an upgrade with the TV....I have finally turned in my "rabbit ears" for a better TV service........hey, now I can get "American Pickers" I am a happy camper now.

So, just in case you might have missed me, this is the reason I have not been around. No Internet can make a person very anxious and depressed.....that was me. I had to revert to doing things that did not need a computer.......good grief, was like living in the "old days." Well, hopefully things will get better. Now with all this new "high tech stuff" I have to think about getting a new computer....still using an XP and XP is about to run out of time by the end of this year............I see another up-grade coming!!!
You all have a great day and keep looking up for your redemption draws nigh.
Cheers ~ Louise

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