Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Birthday Cards and a Smoothie

I was asked to make a card for a man in Hilbert who turned 105 years old this week. Put the card on Facebook and thought I should add it here too. So what do you think??? Been having lots of fun making these cards, cause no two have been alike. I just picked up the "model T Ford" stamp at Hobby Lobby. So when I was asked to make the card, just so happened, I had the stamp.....good timing!
This is the inside of the "105 year old" card.
Here is a look at another one of my "Children's Cards" for a 9 year old. (that's a long way from being 105!!!). I can make this for a little girl also.....the ideas are endless, as long as there is a stamp, there is an idea!!! I will be putting this card up in my Etsy store in about a week or so. I think today I am putting #7 in my Etsy store today. The card will be for $3 + postage ($5 total). I should be charging much more for these cards as I put a lot of time into them. But I figure postage will cover that. I guess this is just a labor of love on my part and hopefully lot's of people will enjoy my cards and I will see a few more orders for them.

Had a smoothie this morning..........didn't exactly have THIS ONE. The above picture is one from a few weeks ago. BUT it looks pretty much the same........GREEN!!!!
Today's smoothie:
1/2 cup coconut milk
1 T Chobani yogurt (chocolate or any flavor you desire)
3-4 strawberries
handful of kale (what fits in the cup)
a few leaves of mint
a few sprigs of parsley
Mix altogether and enjoy!!

I bought a smoothie recipe book at Sam's club and found a few smoothies I want to try. There are so many recipes out there....guess it is just your preference as to what you want to drink.....they all look great. For me it is what I have in the house at the the time. Guess I will always have strawberries, blueberries, bananas, spinach and kale.....so that will be my "go to" every day.

Well, today will be a quiet day....guess I have to take my Christmas tree down.....it has Valentines on it right now.........thought about a St. Patrick's tree. Saw some Easter lights at Shopko yesterday and thought well, why not an Easter tree!?!? Don't think the husband would go for that though.

Took the taxes in yesterday.......now the wait to see if we get a refund.....hoping, hoping....please be kind Obama!!! Have to work on bills and balancing the check book today....another chore that takes awhile. There's never quite enough money to cover the bills....but it always seems to work out at the end of the month for some reason. Miracles upon miracles!!

Well, time to close here for today. Time to go make JP's lunch and get him ready to go off to work. You all have a great day and enjoy the weather that comes upon you. We are starting to get some of that snow that is hitting the midwest and 10 inches for Chicago. Guess we are getting snow-showers, better then rain-showers, ceiling doesn't leak with snow-showers.
Keep looking up for your redemption draws nigh!!
Cheers ~ Louise

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Attic Clutter said...

Very CUTE (:)
and wow 105..can you believe it !!!


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