Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Happy New Year ~ Happy New Year!!!

Well........hope your not feeling like this cute little turtle above. I found him on one of the websites I was on tonight. Will be using him for a card in the near future. The site I was on had alot of "free digital stamps and svg. die cuts" soooo, got lots of great ideas to play with.

Today we had a nice day. Went to Sandi and Doug's place on the river, had ham dinner (yum) and basically relaxed while watching the water and ducks float by. There were even some ice chunks that passed by too.  Sandi gave me a few sites to check out and download some die cuts, which is how I spent the evening. JP spent the evening having arm pains........I don't know, something has got to give with those pains, I sure could not handle them as much as he does. He struggles alot with them especially Sunday evenings for some reason. Wonder if part of it is stress and his neck is all tensed up which causes the nerves to constrict. The tension comes from his worry about work.......he moans and groans an awful lot!!!!

I found out over the holidays that I am allergic to shrimp.....boohoo......my mouth itches, and now also crab. I only had just a real little bit, coating on salmon and my mouth started itching.......oh well, I guess that also means lobster too, not that I have had much lobster lately, nope, it's been years! So I guess, don't give me shell fish, a shot of penicillin, sting me with bees or mosquitoes or spiders, I will break out.

Well, guess it is time to close this blog.......just figured out that I must be that turtle at the top of this page....hope my new year won't be up-side down and will finally turn the right way. Or maybe this world is just up-side down and I am really right-side up.......who knows, shall have to figure this out.

You all have a great day and keep looking up for your redemption draweth nigh. Cheers ~ Louise

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