Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Off Line for a Few Days

Yep..........that's what I look like when this computer is not working properly, it is driving me

I am taking this computer to Office Depot today, I have literly had it!!!! Not sure what I will be doing without not having a computer in the house, shucks, maybe I will get some stuff done around the house. This is going to be quite the sacrifice, but I guess it has to be done for my sanity. Don't want to be looking like that poor puppy dog above.

If I take the computer in today, might get it back tomorrow so that won't be too bad of wait. Well, I do have some money to put towards whatever it might need and if they try to talk me into another computer.......we will see.

Well, I guess I shall close here, time to get ready to face the music.
Talk to you later and you'se all take care and keep looking up for your redemption draws nigh!!!
Cheers, cheers, cheers, ~ Louise

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