Friday, September 14, 2012

Pretty White Flowers from My Garden and a Garage Sale

Don't even know what these are called, but they have taken over the whole side of my front porch.
Beautiful white Rose!
A Pretty White Zenia!
Almost all white with splashes of blue Morning Glories!!!
This is just the beginning of my beautiful blooms this summer. With Fall almost upon us, the flowers are showing all their glory....God is so creative, there is no way that "Man" can duplicate God's handiwork!!!

Well, I have been diligently working on my garage sale. I thought possibly I would get one day this week to sell, but no, just not finished bringing stuff up from the basement. Do I have that much stuff??? Goodness, I need to have a garage sale every 6 months to get rid of the things I just needed to have but don't need now?????? Does that make sense? Still have to mark everything with a price. Going to sell  161 cards, Happy Birthday, Thinking of You and Seasonal Cards for $1 each. I have some stamps, CD's, DVD's, cooking stuff and glass ware, some exercise stuff, a rocker, bike rack, dog kennel and a lot of misc. stuff.

I am hoping that I will make a good hunk of change, as I am needing a new computer before this one conks out on me. The Home Depot guy said my computer is way over due. Computers last maybe 3-4 years. My computer is over 8 years old. It is running VERY slow, so maybe it is time to replace it. SOOOOOO a garage sale is needed to unload and renew!!!!

Well, I need to close for today, get some work done on my Garage sale. The sale will be next week, Thursday, Friday and Saturday.....that would be long enough for me. Will probably place an ad on as the ads are free and maybe just maybe I might get lots of people to stop by.

Need to make a run to WGR for my free whisk and Salvation Army for free bread (got a box of banana's to dry too) need to close. You all have a great day and keep looking up for your redemption is drawing nigh!!! Cheers to you ~ Louise

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