Monday, September 24, 2012

Garage Sale ~ a Success!

Facing, pop corn, cups, house ware, books,  DVD's, CD's and lots of nic-nacs.
(All these pictures were taken before the sale started)
Facing, tea, water, soda, planters and music all day.
Facing North and misc. stuff.
Facing North-east............stamps, nail polish, earrings, Herbalife, sleeping bag, yarn, cups and cards and DVD's and etc.
Garage sale was a success........I think. Sold $115 worth of stuff @ 25cents to $1 with a few things at $2, $3, $4 and $5. Still have lots of stuff to sell though. Counted the people too (estimated) 92 visitors. I figured I put in about 30 hours setting up and opening and closing. Made a whopping $3.82 an hour plus I was sooooo tired on Saturday, after the sale shut down I sat down on my lazy boy and napped for 3 hours!!!

Well, I am figuring that I will open my garage sale for the next couple of weeks, depending on the weather, on Friday only. I found Thursday was a very weak day for selling and also Saturday. Friday was the big seller day. So, as long as I am set up and the weather cooperates, next Friday, 28th is the day to sell. I can handle one day....whew, stuff that I could do with no problem years ago has become a very laborious thing.....I sure was a tired old lady after this one. Not sure if the ad I put on helped, but I will certainly do that again, just in case it did work.

So you ask.........."What'cha going to do with all that money you are making at your sale???" Well, to answer your question.....I need a watch and the rest is going towards a new computer. (Ha....that's if it doesn't burn a hole in my purse first.) This computer is close to 8years old and I was told by a computer guy at Office Depot that computers don't last more then 4 years. But then I have a friend who's computer lasted 14 years, so go figure.

Well, being I was so involved in my garage sale this past week, my Etsy store lacked a some TLC. Soooo this next week I must get some NEW cards up and going and get my Christmas Cards going too!!!! It's almost October....yikes!

Mail came.....we were just invited to my nieces christening of her baby in Chicago on October, October is filling up and we haven't even gotten there yet. It seems for the last couple of months JP and I have been visiting Doctors alot lately and each visit requires a Co-pay and that is surely wracking havoc with our finances of late. Going to Chicago for the weekend would involve $400-$500 for us. Renting a car (because our car would never make it), putting the dogs in a kennel for the week-end and who know what else, gift, cards, money?????

Well, that answered that problem.....JP just got home from the Physical Therapist for his arm pain ($30 co-pay a visit) and read the card and said we are not going, can't afford it......guess I will just send a card and money, much cheaper then $500.

Time to close this here blog for the all keep looking up for your redemption draws nigh and the return of Jesus is sooner then we all think!!! See ya later, cheers ~ Louise


Anonymous said...

Congrats on your garage sale! In my old town, Saturday and Sunday were THE days to garage sale.

Where I live how - its Thursday and Friday - so weird!

I hear you on the medical bill stuff - with all the stuff I need for my diabetes, and my husband's heart valve replacement, we spend hundreds on it a month!

I am sure a card will be just fine!

cards4ubylouise and other treasures said...

Thanks Biz, probably going to try a couple more days of selling the next couple of Fridays, weather permitting.

Yep, that's what I plan to do....a card with some money.


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