Saturday, September 1, 2012

Boat Ride & 100 Mile Challenge & Doggies

As this is the 1st day of September, and such a beautiful day it is. (My gosh, where has this year gone to???) I am going to look back at the last few days starting with Wednesday, August 29th. It too, was a beautiful day. Went for a boat ride, with Sandi, Shirley and Tyler. We had a great time on Butt de More Lake, dropping anchor and having a snack of cheese, salami, bean dip, crackers, celery, zucchini bread, cookies and chips. Should have taken a picture, of the food, but I am sure you have seen these munchies before. It was just fun to rock back and forth with the waves and eat. What a life, I could get used to this life style very easily!!

Here the geese are passing by the Seagull that was sitting on the rock in the above picture....such a peaceful day!! This is actually taken with my "zoom in" on my camera, we were pretty far off from these geese.

Here we were throwing chips and crackers out for the seagulls to catch.....started with one bird and he must have called in his friends, because then we had at least 10 birds flying around. Surprised they did not swoop down onto the boat and help themselves to what we were eating!!! All and all it was a beautiful day to take a boat ride, no cares in the world at that time, that's what I call a VACATION of sorts. I vacated my home to go on a boat for a ride!!! That is what vacation means to me.

As you can see I made the challenge of 100 miles for the month of August. But alas, out of the 32 + women that entered the challenge......I did not win the Salsa and Chobani yogurt, Carol did...........(sob, sob, sigh). "But I shall continue on" in my quest to ride my stationary bike every night, as my journey continues for however long I can go. Hopefully it will be a part of my schedule from here on in until the return of Jesus!!!

Here's Kylie, my lovable little "schnoodle" a cross between a Schnauzer and a poodle. I think she is more Schnauzer though cause she is always smelling something with her nose. She also uses her nose to move things, like doors, cabinets, her bed, garbage cans, leashes, just to let us know she is there or she wants to go for a walk. She moves blankets and whatever else she can get her nose to do....she is a very talented puppy! Kylie has been with us since 2005. We got her at the OshKosh Animal Shelter. She was brought in as a homeless dog wandering around, fending for herself. Someone must have dumped her and left her. Kylie suffered sad.

Here's Hyko a bolegnese from Italy, he has been with us since 2003. Hyko was in an abusive home for 4 years then taken to the Animal Shelter. We had just lost our sweet Poppy and it seemed sort of lonely without a second dog. Anna, our little black poodle mix was depressed and so were we. Then along comes Hyko to shake things up a bit. He has been a very good dog, but you know, he is getting old, human years he is going on 13, doggie years his is about 85 years old. In this picture he is comtiplating going down the stairs, we still try and let him do it himself, but lately he has been needing some assistance going down the stairs and going up too.

Yep, even I need assistance, grabbing on to door knobs, ledges and banisters to go up and down the stairs.....No one ever told me it would be this hard to get old....honestly, thanks alot!!!!

Well, I think that is about all for today, need to get some things done around the house. I am planning on having a garage sale this month, so if you don't see me blogging that is where I will be, working on the garage and gathering all the things I thought I needed these past years and stopped using for whatever reason.

Take care and keep looking up for your redemption drawth nigh.
Cheers ~ Louise

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