Monday, July 16, 2012

♫♪♫ Monday, Monday ♫♪♫

Do you remember that song by the "Mama's and Papa's????? Monday, Monday, so good to me.....(must find the words for this blog)
Yeah, it was a little hard to wake up this morning. This cute kitty says it all, took this picture off  Facebook today.....just made me laugh!!!

Well it was a quiet and busy weekend. Went to a paper sale at PaperCuts and  an "Amuse" stamping party and open house at Betty's place. Made 2 make n' take cards at the paper sale and 3 make n' take cards at Betty's. All very good ideas to use for future cards. Spent a little bit of money but, is that not the idea?????????

After my field trip of sorts, JP and I went for a short date to the antique store and looked around at all the old things that I remember as a child and are now ANTIQUES.....oh if only I had known as a young kid, to start collecting, would have been rich or would I have been called a hoarder and pack-rat???? Who knows, maybe if I sold some of our old stuff, I could make a few bucks, but it is hard to part with some of my "stuff".

Didn't make anything special this week-end. We were just basically trying to keep cool.  Friday, was half a chicken in my Nu-Wave which keeps the kitchen cool and a stir-fry of vegies. Saturday, JP ate left overs, fruit bowl and pannais for supper. Sunday, BLT pannis, beans, left over stir-fry vegies, ceaser pasta salad and fruit. Simple, simple, simple.

Trying to figure out why I took so long to write a's been a week since I last wrote, must have been on a "blog vacation" or something. Actually been playing on Pinterest alot lately.........sure can be addicting. Guess, I am vacationing I did not vacate, (that's where vacation comes from, when you vacate one place to go someplace else). Maybe I just got side-tracted. So listen, if you feel like it, go to and type in Louise Langefeld Gatti and check out my boards, you can see some of my favorite things, cards, crafts, water fountains, places to visit, diets, food and more food and lots of refreshing drinks!!!! Check it out, you will be glad you did.

Guess it is time to close, this computer is acting up. I threaten to take it into Office Depot for a cleaning but I just know they will say..........."oh you need a new Windows 8 computer" or just try to sell me an older computer just to get it off the floor to make room for the new ones. But then, we both need our eyes checked and it looks like another used car is in our future. Soooooo you all take care and keep looking up for your redemption drawth nigh.
Cheers to you ~ Louise

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