Monday, July 2, 2012

Ah......Monday - Health and God's Healing

Yeppers, it is Monday. I found this cute little picture on facebook yesterday and just had to add it to my blog today.
It's been pretty warm these last couple of days, too warm for me, I like 60's and 70's, but that is me. Do  you wonder why it has been so warm? Guess the "Global Warmers" would say, "See, we told you so." But you know.....I think we are under judgement from God. He is very angry and when you hear of earthquakes that deffinently speaks of God's wrath (Psalm 18:7). He loves us very much, but He is angry, because we think "WE" can run things.....nope, we can't. We need God in our everyday lives, we just can't do without HIM, and that's for sure. Has HE got your attention yet???????????

I found a neat website a few days ago and it is FREE. It's a community of dieters called you can journal, type in what you ate and it adds up your calories, see what other dieters are doing, go on forums, find recipes. An array of things to do. I am still looking around trying to get acculmated. I actually have lost some weight, it has been tough though, but finally am seeing a few pounds come off. "God did His part, now I must do mine."

What I mean by that previous comment is this: These last 6 months, my health has not been up to par as I have been diagnosed with pre-diabetes. I've asked God to help me lose weight many times (Psalm 18:6), but never realized it was the meds that might be the problem. Having to keep tabs of my Blood Sugars since December 13th, I've found it VERY difficult to diet. I have been on blood pressure meds for over 20 years. When the Doctor perscribed diabetes and colestral medication, suddenly my liver levels went up. So he first took me off the colestral medication. Blood test and no change. He then took me off ALL medication. Blood test and still no change. Had an Ultra sound and blood test. Finally, liver levels were normal, but they found a gall stone. Have not heard what they are going to do about that. But the Doctor wants me to lose weight. Finally, I my weight is coming off, a pound here and a pound there, I have been trying very hard.

I need to tell you, that when the Doctor took me off all medications, I was really frightened. Blood pressure medication for 20 years????? I thought for sure I was going to die, (the pharmasist told me I was a walking time-bomb, so I really needed to take that blood pressure medication). So naturally I was scared........did the Doctor REALLY know what he was talking about????? I sure did not know, but I did stop taking all meds, including vitamins...........who knows what was causing my liver levels to go up. Well, after about a month of no meds, I actually started feeling better and my blood sugars seemed to go down alittle.

My last blood test, last week, came back and my AC1 is 6.8 = controlled, so that is a good sign. Finally, my body is getting into a normal mode, could it be that God is healing my wretched body. I would like to believe that. So after a couple of months of this roller-coaster ride, things are leveling out......God did his part, now I must do mine......It is God's business to keep us healthy and whole. I am so glad I have God to lean upon. We sure can wrack up our bodies with bad living.

So this is all good news ~ that I am very happy to report on this warm day on July 2nd. Maybe I can truly celebrate Independence Day by saying "Yes, I am on my way to losing weight and feeling free and healthy, the way God meant me to feel!!!! Whole in HIM!!!!!

Have a great day and keep looking up for your redemption drawth nigh!!! Cheers - Louise

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