Sunday, April 29, 2012

A Mother's Day Card

Well, here I am again......mastered my problem with the new camera and finally got some pictures downloaded. I guess it helps to read the instructions on how to work this camera. Was kind of expecting the camera to work the same way that my old one so.

My new camera is a Canon "Power Shot" A1300 with 16 pixels. The old camera is a Canon "Power Shot" A510 with 3.2 pixels. I am sure this new camera will be fine once I learn how to work it. Keeping the old camera as a back-up "just-in-case". My new camera takes somewhere down the line you just might see a video on my blog....probably of my dogs or something like that, or babies if ever one comes to visit.

The mother's day card is a sampling of what I have in my Etsy store. An origami butterfly sits on the corner of the card, securely attached with glue so it won't fly away. The card measures 5.50 X 4.25 (as do most of my cards) and will come with an envelope and clear plastic sleeve for protection. See my Etsy store for further information on this and the other 4 cards. Probably will be putting this card in my Etsy store tonight.

Well,  I'm going to close for today...........hopefully a few of my other problems will solve themselves as easily as the camera problem did. Keep looking up for your redemption draweth nigh.
Many Cheers to you all ~ Louise

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