Thursday, January 12, 2012

Computers and Cards

Put this set of cards up in my Etsy store the other day. Did them along with the "special order" of 12 cards that went overseas. Received an exciting bit of new this morning, sold another Valentine card to a customer in New York.......There goes another Etsy tap dance!!! Hope these tap dancing shoes wear out from so many sales..........YES!!!!!!

Went through some frustrations with my computer..........computers are like men you know, "can't live with them and can't live without them" Yep that's true. When I went to shut off my computer, the screen came up saying it was going to do some updating, not to shut off or unplug, the computer will do that automatically.............yeah right! 30 hours later it was still doing summersalts!!!! I asked on Facebook if anyone knew what was person said "that was not normal and that I must have something wrong with my computer" oh well, so what else is new. Asked a salesman at Walmart, he said I could shut it down, but he really did not know either. Then I called Office Depot, where I bought the computer, she said shut it down but then it could be in the middle of updating something important, call Milwaukee PC. So, I called, left a message and they called back this morning.....................he said, shut it down, it got stuck. MAN, if I had known that I would not have been so frustrated. In the midst of all this I had gone to the library, went on their computer, overstayed my time and received a $5 parking ticket from the friendly Appleton Police..................ggeeerrrrrrrrrrr I was a little upset!!!!

Not only was I facing the fact of possibly losing my computer and having to get a new one (with no money) I got a ticket on top of is just unfair, isn't it????? Well, that delima is over, just have to pay the ticket before the 21st otherwise it will be $20 then after that $32 if any later...................computers, computers, do they save us time or do they run our time???? I sure did feel cutoff from the world for 30 hours that was for sure!!!!!

Well, I shall close for now, have to go over to my Etsy store and leave a convo for my new customer that the card will be in the mail by Saturday latest, after this snow storm passes. We are to get anywheres from 4-9 inches with blowing snow. YIKES!!!!

So you all keep looking up for your redemption drawth nigh!!!

Cheers ~ Louise


Animal Cafe said...

Sorry to hear of your troubles! So you make your cards on your computer then? I really like making handmade cards but I think some of them would look better if i did them using a computer but I have know Idea how you go about it, or print them?! I would really appreciate some tips if you have any!


Sands said...

Things will get better, just don't give up. LOL Great job on the cards.

cards4ubylouise and other treasures said...

Not giving up Sands,just need some boxing mits to punch them demons in the!!


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