Saturday, August 6, 2011

Boat Ride on the Lake

This is one of my favorite pictures to take on our little excursions....a seagull sitting on a bouy.
Would like to get a pelican on a bouy someday, but they fly away to quickly!
We were anchored down and having lunch on the lake, what peacefulness.

The water was so smooth and quiet.
You could skip a pebble over the water.
In the Menasha Locks, we were being followed by "Anna".

Here we go.....taking off to who knows where!

Captain your service! Enjoying the view. Fun was had by all, these mini vacations are just what the Doctor ordered!!!! Next outing is next week, depending on the weather of course.

Have a great day and enjoy these summer days....not many left!!!!

Cheers ~~~~~ Louise

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