Saturday, April 30, 2011

Mother's Day is Coming.............

Mother's a week away now, what are you going to do for that special mother of your's? Whether she is just around the corner or hundreds of miles away....or maybe she is is always good to hear from your loved ones.

My own mother died in 2001, where did that time go? She would have been going on 85, we were just 20 years apart. She was always so happy when someone would act so surprised that I was "her daughter". Why Barb, I thought Louise was your sister, oh my, I hated that! My mother would just smile. Not me, she was my mother, not my sister!!!! Oh well, every now and then I think about her and sometimes wish she was still around, so I could just talk, although she never quite understood me, nor I her. I believe tomorrow, May 1st is the day she died, maybe that is why I am thinking about her.

Then, there was the Mother-in-law. Nope, she never understood me either. I don't have too much to say about her. Our relationship was a little strained and I never knew what she expected of me and felt she never really liked me, I certainly was not her favorite. JP and I never had any kids between the two of us, so maybe that was the reason why. I had wanted kids, but the husband didn't. So now here we are married 38 years and childless. The Mother-inlaw will be dead 1 year on our 38th anniversary - August 27.

I did have a daughter, but in 1969 had to give her up for adoption, a decision I have regretted all my life. But then, if I hadn't, she wouldn't have been that free spirit that she is now, doing her own thing and being her own person. I see her on facebook alot, I guess that is better then not seeing her. Her life, and my life are complete opposites, I guess she takes more after her "father" then she does me, but then she seems to be living the kind of life my grandmother did...a little wild. My grandmother lived in the bars and taverns and drank alot, my mother didn't. I can remember as a child my mother and grandmother arguing and then my grandmother left and I didn't see her again till I was eighteen and she was dying....not alot of good memories of grandmother.

So now, I am thinking, Mother's Day is one of those days, that I can take or leave alone, it doesn't really hold alot of good feelings for me. Only because I am a mother, but have never really been treated as a mother. Having a baby and putting her up for adoption doesn't really count, you are labled a "birthmom" but not really a "mother" I am not really sure why I am rambling on like this......guess some of these holidays are just not as happy as others are.

Well, I wanted to tell alittle about the above card. I probably will put it in my etsy store the going price will be $3 + postage $2. You will also receive one free bonus card or bookmark or thank you card for your use. The card is basically flowers colored in with markers then layered on black cardstock then bright pink cardstock. I actually made the "MOM" stamp myself, my very first attempt. It is pretty versitile though, cause turning it up side down you get "WOW". One of these days I shall have to make a "WOW" card!!!

Well, I think this blog has run too long and probably not alot of people will read it anyways, I tend to shy away from long blogs, "short and sweet and to the point" are my kind of blogs. So take care and have a great "Mother's Day" and please remember those mother's that might be shedding a tear or two because they have been forgotten.
Cheers ~ Louise


Shari said...

Hi Louise. Thank you for sharing so openly. As an adopted child, I have the upmost respect for someone who loved their baby enough to choose to give them a better life with another family.
I have been blogging about my experience as an adopted child. If you are at all interested, please stop by and have a look.

cards4ubylouise and other treasures said...

Thank you Shari, for leaving a comment, didn't really think anyone would read.....I checked out your blog, you write well. True, giving up a baby for adoption is by far one of the most hardest things to do. What carried me through was that God understood totally, for He gave His only begotten son to this world, that we might have life and have it more abundantely. PS I have a Dutch Oven and I love it, I would encourage you to get one, I do everything in it, going to make "Stuffed green pepper soup" in the next few days.....yum!

Diane ~ said...

Hi Louise, I can certainly understand your feelings about Mother's Day. Here after all these years of knowing you, i'm still learning more things about you!

cards4ubylouise and other treasures said...

I guess I carry alot of baggage around with me that I keep hidden from the!


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