Wednesday, November 24, 2010

My Free Birthday Dinner

Well here is my Free Birthday Dinner from JB Clancy's on Sunday, November it was delicious! I really splurged on the french fries, certainly not on my diet, oh but they were gooooood!!!!! Along with the steak and fries I got a beautiful salad and bread with honey butter and coffee. For dessert it was chocolate ice cream with a candle on top. Sweet and yummy. JP and I shared this special treat. It's not every day one celebrates their 64th birthday! Some people do not even make it to 64. Thank you God for 64 years, you have been generous and loving to me.

On Friday the 19th I went out to lunch with Shirley. That was a lovely lunch at Carmalitta's Italian Bistro. I mentioned to the waitress that it was my birthday on Sunday, not thinking there would be a reward.......hahaha! For lunch I had a Chicken Ceasar Panni and side salad. No camera for this one, so no pictures....I wish I had though, it was a lovely meal. After we finished our lunch, the waitress brought a mini boston cream cake with a candle on the side and chocolate spritz across the plate, it was as pretty as a picture. All in all I had a wonderful birthday, with a few birthday cards and birthday wishes on Facebook.

After our meal at BJ Clancy's, JP and I went to an antique mall and I bought a pitch fork for our compost pile, a cook book with hundreds of soup recipes, a fenton vase and fenton dish that holds candles. My stepfather had sent some money for my birthday, so I was able to get a few things for my stamping addiction, some spices for my cooking addiction and some tea .........for my tea addiction. I am putting a little to the side so I can buy a Dutch Oven, the one I am looking at will run about $ I have $30 set aside. Maybe if I add a little each week, by Christmas I will have enough to buy the one I want. Can hardly wait!!!! In the mean time I will make soup in my small pot for the time being. Without a vision the people parrish, well, I have a vision, at least for a month or so. :)

One more blessing on my birthday took $1.50 Hibiscus that I bought at the end of summer bloomed for my birthday. She was sooooo very pretty and made me very happy!!! Will be fun to see how she does during the winter. Maybe by Christmas we will have more blooms. (another vision?)
Well dear friends, I am off to get ready to go out and get some errands done. We got our turkey today......JP got a free 12 lb turkey at his place of employment........which is nice. So that looks like we will have turkey soup and lots of left overs for the freezer and many meals, yummmmmm. There's a storm coming this afternoon, so I need to get some plastic up on one of the basement windows and we need to move the snow blower to the forefront of the garage today.
In my next blog I will show you a couple of Christmas cards I have been making which will probably end up in my Etsy store, just in case you don't have the address, here it is: So have a blessed Thanksgiving and enjoy your never know when that may crumble and there will be no more get togethers for what ever reason.

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