Thursday, February 11, 2010

Time Flies...................... about time flying by where have these days gone????? Thought I would update alittle bit.

Been busy making cards, lots, lots, and lots of Valentine cards lately. Now I have been focusing on St. Patty Cards. Will have to add some to my next blog. Also have been focusing on making Mother's Day Cards. Bought a few stamps today for Mother's Day, can you believe I did not have a Mother's day stamp. Now I can start next week making MD Cards. Gosh then comes Father's Day..................time goes fast when you go by the seasons.

Been getting into more cooking lately, I don't know why, like making different breads, soups, chillis, mmmmmm oh and stew the other day. Maybe it is just the winter that brings out the "cooking bug" in me, or could be I say "Julia and Julie" what a special movie, I really enjoyed it. Bought some wonderful spices today at Penzeys, bought some French Basil, French Tarragon, French Thyme and Vindaloo.............vindaloo you say???? That's what I said, what is Vindaloo?? It's hot and spicey but not overwhelming, good on pork, beef, lamb or poultry. I just sprinkled a little on a piece of meat tonight. The ingredients are: coriander, garlic, cumin, ginger, cinnamon, brown mustard, red pepper, jalapeno, cardamom, turmric,tellicherry black pepper, and cloves. I think only a sprinkle will do, because the sales lady said it is really Hot. So yeah, a sprinkle will do for now.

Still exercising at Inches A Weigh...........not much weight loss...........of course I usually gain weight during the winter months and that has not happened as maybe I am on the right track.

Still doing my merchandising job, which keeps me busy every week, not a big money maker, but it is busy work AND it is a job. Selling my cards on Etsy, here and there and also at Inches A Weigh.

Well, I shall close this blog for today and hopefully come back in the next few days.

Happy Valentines Day~~~~~~

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Just4Khix said...

My friend! Your post is making me hungry, and thirsty for something ice-cold to put the fire out!


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