Saturday, December 26, 2009

♥ Last Week of 2009 - Thanks for the Memories♥

Here we are, in the last week of 2009 with the NEW YEAR - 2010 peeking right around the corner. I have no way of knowing what will be happening in this new year............I could only hope that things would get better for us all..............but then with the economy the way it has been, I just am not sure where we are headed.

I guess that is why God has said........."take one day at a time". Yesterday is gone and you can do nothing about it, and the future is not ours to hold. Only live for today and live the best you know how. Good the trick is to live it. Enjoying everything that God has blessed us with, good health, a nice warm home during the winter, and cool during the summer. Two sweet dogs, two cars that are paid for BUT need lots of TLC. We both have jobs that keep us busy and it pays the bills. We have food on the table and clothes on our back. The husband has his ministry to the truck drivers and I have my little card business on Etsy. God has been good to us.

Did you have a nice went all too fast..........all that planning and now it is all over but the shouting. I managed NOT to charge anything and paid for everything with cash. That was a mile stone............but alas I still have charge bills to pay........we will be forever in debt at least for another year.

My husband and I spent a quiet Christmas. His family is down in Chicago (Obamaland) and my only family (Pops) is in LasVegas. My daughter Tiffany whom I do not hear from anymore lives in North Carolina............I think she fell off the face of the earth. Anyways we had a nice day, opened a few presents, had a ham dinner with sweet potato pie, baked potatoe, broccoli, relishes and stuffing and gravy. Pulled out Grandma Gatti's old Bavarian Dishes, they must be close to 90 years that made it kinda fun. We shall do that again for New Years Day Dinner......though the dinner will be steak and shrimp, salad, broccoli and oven that sounds good!!!!!

Well, I think I shall close this blog for a while and talk again in's been fun keeping up...........have a great rest of the week and see you next year.
(Hugs and Kisses) Louise

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