Wednesday, September 2, 2009

♥♥♥Beautiful Day Today♥♥♥

I love this time of the year......and to make it even better the weather is gorgeous today..........almost heavenly!!! But alas I have to get ready to do a few jobs today, going out and about in the traffic...........sometimes I like to just stay home, can find lots to do and then there is always going into my little studio to make a few cards, which is what I did last's a picture. This was a "unique technique" using alcohol inks on one side of a piece of vellum then stamped the image of a lighthouse on the other side of the vellum, embossed with black and gold embossing powder. Layered vellum on white cardstock and punched two holes on the side and ran ribbon through the picture. Again layering on black cardstock then on the card, embellishing with gold stickers. Turned out really nice, although it is hard to see in this picture. I want to make some more cards like this, but I need to fine thicker vellum for this project, thin vellum does not work well. Curls up.

I found this wonderful cookbook at Savers (a second hand store)the other day....Graham Kerr~The Galloping Gourmet~1970 vintage cookbook for 99cents. Has some wonderful recipes in it. There were a couple I thought I might maybe the Beef Stroganov, London Broil and Mushroom Salad sounded good some of the other recipes were very complicated. But then guess that would be the fun of making it.

Did you get a chance to see "Julia and Julie" do go, it was really fun to watch. Heard yesterday that Julia Child's cookbook "Mastering the Art of French Cooking" is the #1 best seller because of the movie. Alas, I am on a waiting list at the library to get her cookbook. Julia cooked with alot of Butter and Cream........yikes........lots of calories for sure. I would like to try her beef stew........of course that was not the "French" word for it...........on this tv program they said they figured one serving of this wonderful, succulent stew had 993 calories in ONE serving. Now I don't know if that was a cup or two cups or what.......but Julia used real bacon chunks, butter, cream and of course meat and vegies AND MUSHROOMS!!!!! I love mushrooms, and they are good for you too!!!

Well, I think I better close this blog for today, need to get ready for work, only have two jobs today, but they are in opposite directions. Dollar General in Kaukauna is a round trip of 16 miles, so I will be gone most of the day, if I get ready now, and get out of the house by 1:30, I could be home by 6:00pm or so.
Well, you have a great day and keep looking up!!!


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