Monday, August 31, 2009

Last Day of August..............sad

Sadly it is the last day of August and the feeling of autumn is in the air...............I love autumn. Cool weather, leaves falling and raking them, mmmm, good exercise, bringing in the harvest, finally it is soup time! I love the changing of the color of the leaves, maybe we will be able to take a long week end and enjoy the fall before the winter comes upon us. Of course maybe with global warming it should not be so COLD here in WISCONSIN (laughing out loud).

I found a new blog to follow today, I shall be checking her out everyday to see what she has to say about the world around her...........she is a christian with a view on the news, opinions and life. What I have read so far has been very interesting, check her out at:

Not much going on today, exercise at IAW and we get measured and weighed............I am still struggling with this weight as it goes up and down at every whim. I should not complain though as I have been at this since the last week in April and according to stitistics I am right on the mark as I have lost 12 lbs and that would be 3 lbs lost a month, soooooo I am doing great!!!! Now when I get measured that will be the tell-tale-test. At the last measurment, I had lost 22 inches. We will see what happens today.............I will report back with the news.

Going to shut this blog down for now as I have to get my jobs off the internet and get organized, so I know where I am going this week. So you have a great day and keep looking up as JESUS is coming soon!!!!!

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Nicomi "Nix" Turner said...

August should be a holiday. It's the best month (besides October) ever :)


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